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The Good Luck Man

Red Umbrella , Christopher Shay courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales longans and lichees herbal remedies pressed from a heart worn on my sieve red umbrella shaman raising bark, spreading leaves to send you joy i bring you cha-li an august moon passenger on an auspicious track a mackerel sky messenger on yang tiger back a slayer of evil mirror in hand filling red bags with courage I am the Good Luck man Rene Foran ~ August 2011

the merry band

Photo from Tess Kincaid's collection  for Magpie Tales last thing that they said when they was loaded in the van was that the ol' bastard deserved it then they smiled for the cameraman the window glided down as they was being hauled away two blushing beauties waved like it was their wedding day then a fresh faced vigilante let out a rebel yell "Hey Mr. Reporter listen up, boy we got some news to tell!" Rejoice now! All ye citizens the demon dragon has been slain Hell yeah! we done, done it and we'd do it all again Rene ~ August 2011


Lake Sunapee, Sunapee NH photo by Rene  with light comes leaving a slow, sure lifting anchor the heavy, full heart Rene ~ August 19, 2011 For Daddy

semi-high gloss

photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales click to enter when my head takes a walk on my heart and the right words cease to roll off my tongue i put down the pen pick out some paint and a brush and listen as the four walls talk Of Vienna Sunsets Montana Skies The Golden Prairie Harvest of 1975 Parisian Rain Barcelona Nights and that  Deepest, Truest Yellow looks awfully green in Evening Light Firetruck Red takes a coat  or three of prime or Banana Whisper will Scream Orange every time walls speak with Dutch Boy accents in colorful metaphors they'll Meet You At The Corner and they'll hug you by the door take you to Mystic Mountain bring you Seashells By The Shore is this all a Daydream or am i as high as Kansas Corn Rene ~ August 2011

flood light

Summer Evening, Edward Hopper, 1947 if i could i would steal the sun  and moon swallow them whole like two aspirin and call off the morning if i could i would tell you  everything i've done  or failed to do and let the night fall down unpinned and unafraid if i could i would be a star in your sixty watt galaxy instead of a moth casting shadows in the pull of your gravity Rene ~ August 2011 for Magpie Tales.   Click on the link for more!

It's Creative Tuesday! All flavors and push-ups too!

Ice Cream man!!!!!!!! Ice Cream!!!!!!!!  There's still something about the ice cream truck coming down the street that just makes me lose it like a five year old. So when Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday challenge was "Ice Cream", I just had to take a bite! At first I wanted to draw an ice cream truck, but it kept on coming out looking like an ambulance. And it was more detailed than my skill set could handle. So I settled on a simple grape Popsicle, because it's my favorite flavor and I had a purple crayon handy. The above picture is my humble submission. I used a Ticonderoga #2 pencil, an eraser ( lots of eraser) and Crayola crayons. I think it's pretty sweet. Take a peek at Hot Toast and Jam for past and future Creative Tuesdays. Rene ~ August 2011

say hello to my little fan

photo credit Skip Hunt courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales you looked us all straight in the eye and the first thing you told us pluck ouch! was that he loved you and then in the next breath pluck ouch! he loved you not wouldja do us all a favor, huh? go pluck a windmill crazy daisy bitch Rene ~ July 2011