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Indian Summer

indian  summer makes me  laugh at winter dancing  like a  grasshopper over  fall games of   twister singing  in the sun to-do’s not  yet begun but put aside… while  it’s nice outside the ants they've  got it  together they know  this won’t last forever it's just a  temporary  sum a tiny  cookie  crumb indian  summer gets  the  ladybugs flying  like they do in that  old poem about her troubles  when  she roams she'd reallt better  get  on  home indian summer soon it  will be winter  snow  covered  earth awaiting re-birth an old  cycle  ends a  new one continues the  spin the year of  color begins agains so drink  it in like it will  never end making us laugh at indian summer dancing into winter Peace ~Rene 10/29/09

like a child

he spit in the dirt and told her if she were  blind rubbing the mud  in her eyes would  make  her  see how can that be? she laughed. my grandma told me, he assured, confidently she read it to me from her  big brown storybook the one she uses  with her  magic beads what makes it work? she asked him the spit  or  the dirt? i think  you need them both  together he said do you think  it's true  like it will really for sure work? she asked  eyes wide  searching i don't know for certain,  he said  but sometimes  you just gotta  tell yourself it will cuz that's when it  does... y'know, believin', he said, whispering i wonder if  it can work on sadness,  she asked because  i have some in my heart that i would like  to go away ... let's try it and   tell ourselves that it  will work, he said no she said let's both believe   that it will... peace - rene 2009

Peak Performance

We are pretty much near peak in Southern NH... so I thought I'd share a few parting shots: "great pumpkins" "we call it maize" "take a bite" "fall on the floor" "none more yellow" "fade into hue" "view from my window at school~ Fall 2009" "another view" "show stopper" "for the birds" All photos by Rene~2009 Peace


"Wide Open Spaces" - Westboro, Mass - Rene 2009 Out searching For meaning To the end Of her beginning She happened Upon him On a quest of his own He walked with Such purpose While her strides Lacked focus She sang To the sky She was in love with The wind Hold my hand Gently And Dance with me Closely Swirl me around Like the leaves In the field Keep in time With the bird calls I'll be yours Till the night falls I'm a girl of the day To the night  I must yield Her breeze Was refreshing To this man On a mission He eased up on his pace And followed her dance "Why search for meaning To endings When you can start New beginnings" Was his answer To the question That she had yet To ask Hold my hand Gently And Dance with me Closely Swirl me around Like the leaves In the field Keep in time With the bird calls I'll be yours Till the night falls I'm a girl of the day To the night  I must yield The night was Now falling And the moon was now calling He led

wrongs into flight

"Between rocks and a hard place" - Rene 2009 i said  i was never going back giving it up, getting on transforming shedding my skin fooling you blind with my little grin knowing   that all i had become was a more expert  liar convincing even myself  before spitting words into the wind "From Behind Blue Eyes" - Rene 2009

Fall Feast

"Rain On Lilac Leaves" Nashua, NH  2009 "Ignition" Nashua, NH 2009 "Blazing Beauty" Nashua, NH  2009 "Pretty Maidens" Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown, NJ   2009 "Berry Red" Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown, NJ  2009 "Honey Gold" Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown NJ   2009 "View From The Balcony" Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown NJ   2009 "Golden Canopy" Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown  NJ   2009 Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown NJ   2009 "Outside of the Conservatory" Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown NJ   2009 "Late Bloomer" Frelinghuysen Arboretum Morristown NJ   2009 Frelinghuysen Mansion Morristown NJ   2009 Peace Hope you enjoyed the feast! Rene All Photography by Rene - 2009

The Shoebox

one of my favorite pictures of Mary I was OK with not being a mother. Really. I wasn't against the idea, I just didn't feel a strong pull towards procreation. Many of my family and friends could not accept this.  Over 5 years of marriage and childless. “You really can’t mean that you're OK with it, Rene, you're just not ready, you'll change”, friends would say... and they'd either be pregnant, be obsessed with getting pregnant or they'd be rocking a cherub off to sleep. But the truth was…I…really…was…OK, and it was deep rooted instinctive response. Red light, green light..not for me. Not yet, anyway. That truth was very rarely divulged because it would not be understood. I didn't even understand why I felt the way that I did. “Yes, we'd love to…we’re trying…hopefully, someday”….. those were my standard lines and I’d rail them off like a seasoned politician. It’s what the crowd wanted to hear. It’s what my husband wanted to belie

Assembly Required

I swear, I used to think one of the reasons I was put on this earth was to confound temp agencies. "No job too small for me to screw up" ( you can insert a stronger verb. That's what's on my business cards) Really..... A long time ago in the not-so-distant past... "We have a 2 day position open at an educational supplier. It is assembly line work. You just pack orders and get them ready to be shipped. What do you say, Rene? Are you interested? Oh hell yes... I pulled up to the parking lot of XYZ Educational Supply and saw what looked to be the entire staff crammed like sardines into a fenced in area. Above it was a banner of a ship in a bottle. What fresh hell is this? Once inside I was greeted by Bette. Bette would be training me today on how to pack orders. She was pale, tall and had a fluff of red hair perched atop her head. Bette, the cigarette. On the way Bette pointed out where the ladies room was, the vending machines and where the bre