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Film still from "The Door In The Floor"  in that corner of time  after everything left dangling unsaid  had been said but before  the absolute end of it all in that small punctuation of light before dusk that glistening surrendering eye of silent truce this is where i have chosen to remember you Rene ~ January 2011

hey bobby frost

photo by Tess Kincaid @ Magpie Tales  click here for more information hey you i'm calling you but you're busy with the stars you say you would not come in you're a little afraid of the dark are you not aquainted with the land without light Orion says get to it  boy you got to make it right what about that door of yours the one without a lock what about that path you took the one without a mark you've got miles and miles to go dear miles and miles so don't fear let the cat play the fiddle for the secret in the middle hey, you Bobby Frost listen to my song it won't be long now before the sun breaks  the wood wakes  and shakes the dark to dawn

hitting home

"room with a view" - Rene 2009 sitting, eyes closed bathed in luxurious silence the refrigerator hums  a lullaby as the kitchen clock keeps time  the floorboards and i  settle in for the night these are the heart sounds of my sanctuary i lean back breathe in  exhale unwind Rene ~ January 2011

dark green eldorado

Dark Green Eldorado brings me back 1978 you'd pick me up after workin' late and we'd drive to the lake and park Dark Green Eldorado talkin' 'bout our plans and dreams making out like movie scenes in the belly of a great green whale. Dark Green Eldorado a tank of gas would get you to the corner store dig for change in the seats and floor that's all you'd need to fill 'er up. Dark Green Eldorado bench seats for sitting shoulder to shoulder long before dvd's and cupholders ashtrays with lighters kept the kids entertained Dark Green Eldorado miles of pearl white leather interior made me feel so much more superior than my friends in their compact cars Dark Green Eldorado now you're sitting in the dead car lot been thinking of you quite a lot and my plans to bring you home. Dark Green Eldorado gonna bring you to your former glory gonna tell my kids about your story. from the belly of a great green whale.

snow angels

frozen in time the top of your world a frosted cake now close your eyes make a wish one two three was it all that you hoped it would be? did you get to skate, my ladies three? Rene ~ January 2011 Click here to submit your own piece to Magpie Tales. Come join the fun.

before i lived in the sky

Rene ~ January 17, 2011 before i lived in the sky all my yearnings i did cease it shaped my wings for goodbye needed not much to get by i built a house in the trees before i lived in the sky viewed life with a seeing eye and was humbled to my knees it shaped my wings for goodbye changed a breath into a sigh threw my haltings to the breeze before i lived in the sky at dawn's last break i did cry tears of freedom and release it shaped my wings for goodbye wings were meant for us to fly and with this i must make peace before i lived in the sky it shaped my wings for goodbye Rene ~ January 2011 Submission for One Stop Poetry ~ Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet... Click for more

randy the ram

what it once was  always is for me, for you i bring the circus reinvent the shine it's just light reflecting off of the hook spinning round and round rammed. jammed. i always find a way off that line someday, yeah it'll all be enough but not yet cuz what you see now? is all you and I know Rene ~ January 2011

joy search

New Hampshire ~ January 2011 Rene Foran i want to be the sight for your sore eyes i want to be the ahh at the end of your sighs i want to be the sweet in your sorrow the today in your tomorrow.... Actually, right now instead of writing, I want to be out in the garden poking around and planting stuff. The sun beating down on my neck. Hands in that dark, musky earth. Ahh that would be heaven. But I'm in New Hampshire, under roughly a foot of snow, in January, and I'm really not much of a gardener at all. In fact, I'm dismal... just ask my neighbors. My lawn is my friendship barometer. If it's looking good I'll get the occasional wave from the driveway and a maybe a "Hello" or three. If it's starting to look shabby, the shunning starts and then I know it's time to mend hedges. I have to get better about keeping things "curb appealing" around here. I need to get the joy. My friend Lynn , she's got the joy. Her garden

two ply goodbye

your love is a post-it a sharpie tattoo a cracked rearview mirror object in view tho i was blindfolded i saw through your act the paper was nicer than what i unwrapped you're a bad love song written on truckstop t.p. quilted and scented to softly kill me you're a flypaper poet stuck on himself a slippery tail chaser in search of yourself kindly bind me, then leave me in charmin  adieu's i will think of you fondly when i go #2 but here's a confession and end to begin... one day i'll be over you under my skin Rene ~ January 2011 Click to join and share your own works of art on Magpie Tales

the places i go

i go there often up the creaky staircase up to the third floor fingers tracing braille left behind here and theres embedded  on mahogany handrails a love song unfinished a brass talisman  tickles the throat of time unlocking lemon yellow hellos and  see you laters kitchen arias curlicue up from  stock pots charmed by memories  made  and held by love stuck   fast in time i was never any good at saying goodbye Rene ~ January 2011 Every once an a while I'll read something that just stitches it's way into my DNA... Here is a link to the poem  "my mother's kitchen" written by Marian of "runaway sentence". Her poetry served as inspiration for this piece. Thanks, Marian :)

woven goods

thank  the people who weft through the warp of your life for creating the tapestry Rene ~ January 2011 to join Magpie Tales click here


the edge of winter dark hands clutch soft white linen new life stirs within Rene ~ January 2011 One Stop Poetry Monday Form Forum…Haiku!