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There was a haunting beauty behind her eyes, beyond her sorrow, a beauty that found its way into one’s heart and led them home.


beyond our homes and our kith & our kin beyond ourselves and our teeth & our skin beyond our eyes and our hearts & our hands mountains rise beyond our words & our plans mountains beyond mountains
raindrops on your corduroys sliding through the fog one good bump unsticks the landing before another one's gone too far


full moon crazy you call me i don’t disagree that sly old devil just coaxes out the weirdest wild animal inside of me


in that frame of time in that moment  when air meets everything left unsaid in that small punctuation of surrendering light  this is where I have chosen to remember you
what am I? a curled fist of dandelions  waiting for a jelly glass  a clumsy giggle tumbling chockablock with poppycock