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if you seek beauty

beauty ribbons under a  p aring knife in a perfect curlique of unending apple skin beauty rests on a young mother's shoulder as a newborn slumbers for the first time in hours beauty speaks in crayola contracts magic marker declarations of love and watercolor belly laughs beauty shimmers off the ripples made by all those i think i cans that finally took the leap beauty travels down feathered eye lines this way i know by now let me show you how Peace ~ Rene Take a moment to read  Dolores  by Durga Chew-Bose, it is truly beautiful.

terrestrial lovesick blues

i'm so tired of tangling with the moon over you the way she leaves you hanging as she changes her view yet there you wait starry eyed, thumbin' or a ride for her to come around and take you with the tide me, i’m not celestial got my feet in the clay i'm down to earth yeah babe, terrestrial my desire's not a phase if i could have your full attention to show you that my shine is real love, not a reflection from the fire that burns inside but i'm so tired of tangling and i'm tired of waiting as she leaves you hanging, pining, changing her view could i just have some of your affection i'd like to show you real love, not a reflection love true blue Rene ~ 2013

i scream

he sat in his truck and watched her watched her right there at the picnic table kept an eye on her as she peeled  back  the white paper liner surrounding  her  ice cream  sandwich breathing out slowly  he half looked away as she  tugged wrapper away from pleasure daintily like sunburnt skin pinkies up dear god, he begged let there be, for her sake  a ream of paper around that confection an endless ream of paper to save us all from what comes next

enter the mancave

here's where da wars are won where da bets are placed and da deeds get done ya won't find one single inch o' chintz this room's not fit for even the toughest o' prints what ya will find are us bravehearts of ev'ry stripe thinkin' sharp thoughts and passing da pipe this be a place for burpin' and scratchin' and fer speakin' freely without mindin' da hatchlin's we hunker on down and we gets da world beat and den we go an' gets us somethin' ta eat Rene ~ March 2011 Photo by Tess Kincaid This be a Magpie Tale. Get your scribblin' on by clickin' on this scrawl...

newly wicked

after the fall she  bathed him  in kisses  of both the good  and evil sort as he wept gently contritely wide awake back hurting tossing turning she coiled into herself as twelve serpents gnawed through her middle  hissing jesting ah,woman if only you'd known if only you knew


underneath  untamed untamable earth transplanted roots tangled and took hold  unrecognized, red legged  and darkly twisted a same boat muchness it was either this  or hell luckily, this was far worse as this was unexpected for this turbulent, eroded uncontrolled dragons mouth was perfect for apes  and bearded savages to run amok  this place was for cave dwellers this was no place for settlers Rene ~ March 2011 Photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

we carry each other

Amit Dave/Reuters) Amit Dave/Reuters

why does she write so much?

She wrote... not always of what she knew but of what she wanted to know She wrote because... it came more naturally to her  than speaking She wrote because... she was a bit more s ure of  her words  that way She wrote because... no one was listening anyway She wrote... to free her thoughts and feelings otherwise she'd surely drown  She wrote because...  she was s urrounded  by stories begging for release f rom the eyes of everyday strangers She wrote of... things that tickled the armpit of her heart  and made her sing or things that stubbed the toe of her brain  and made her scream She wrote because... some words needed to see more of each other and putting them together in a sentence  was a lovely way of doing that She wrote because... it was only through h er words that she felt d esired She wrote because... she was incredibly s elf absorbed She wrote because... she was addicted to t he color white and she could stare at it f or hours She wrote...

leaving Jersey

goodbye Jersey i am leaving keep on sleeping it's still dark  i kiss your forehead leave a story in a pendant lipstick mark i grab a coffee start the engine driving dreamlike  through the mist heading homeward leaving heartbound tied your name around my wrist goodbye Jersey i am leaving when you wake up i'll be gone tend your garden count the blossoms see that life goes marching on and i'm on the Turnpike pouring raining windshield wipers fight the tears goodbye Jersey it's not easy even after all these years Rene ~ March 2011 Taking a break from the prompt this week, but I still wanted to share a poetic morsel with you all. Also I insist (very sweetly) that you visit Irish Gumbo for his smokin' hot take on the Magpie prompt.  And bring some cold.

Cinderella Reconsiders

T ake it back take back all the falderal and friggin' fiddle dee dee take back the mad murmuring of ten minutes ago this glass slipper will shine brighter than the stars as it sails high into some kind of wonderful midnight catching a thousand crazy diamond dog dreams before  landing violently shattering  quite rightly into  impossibly everlasting plastic  snowflakes drifting   down T he Spanish Steps spectacularly scudding like white mice into  right angles resting eyes  twinkling ready to pierce soles  unguarded until sweeping arms ferret them out of little corners and into the stardust dreams  of faraway lovers Rene Foran ~ March 2011


you're a ray of sunshine with a zest for life motivation slogans comin' out your pipe coverin' up your bruises with a pink band-aid excusin' all the madness with some bad cliches well you can go on pilin' them blankets on your little bed of lies or grab a heapin' forkful of some radical advice it's just some refrigerator magnet wisdom for you to display "instead of lemons throw a grenade" Rene ~ 2011 This was a Magpie Tales entry. Photo by Tess Kincaid. Tess assures all that no lemons were harmed in the making of this photo.