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Anne Marie’s  stretched out  like a queen
 across the back
 of a Cutlass Supreme 

smokin’ weed 
and talking with Kumar 
watching leaves
 scud across  the reservoir

 Mike is a jerk 
cuz he hasn’t yet  called her
 two months at college
 and he can’t be bothered Well you know
 he can go climb a tree 
cuz he ain’t got 
 the common decency

 to give the mother
 of his child  a shout
 damn college boys 
got it all figured out

 2013-Rene dedicated to Lou Reed 1942-2013


i am the way this neck of the woods this leg of the journey hand to god this highway's  not a ribbon it's a zipper unzzzipped your land  rolls into my land golden sweet delicious deep let freedom ring honest  and clear as  the night  eyes wild with halogen soaked promised land  mountain songs reach up palm that star the second  from the right it's no lie shhhh... just glide let me drive © 2013-Rene Image ( via Magpie Tales )  le jardin, 1962, Max Ernst

after the ball

We danced until the wee small hours crept up so very curiously on cats  feet. Quiet as church mice we snuck out like fugitives, greeting dawn with half smirks over coffee cups. Pennies for our thoughts? We'd make a killing. © 2013 ~ Rene For Tess , on her birthday.


nose to nose I can feel your  breath you're almost too close to reality I try to scream I can't find my  voice if this is real it's not right it's insanity am I awake or even alive I search for  clues in my files for some clarity the more I seek  just to flesh you out  the deeper you dive  shaping arcs in zero gravity you are the ghost that runs  my machine I can't run I can't hide you're inside of me Rene ~ 2013 This poem is about that half asleep/ half awake dream state that I sometimes have. It freaks me out royally. I remember having it ( during a stressful time) for about a week. I would have these vivid dreams of an old woman with no mouth pulling me out of my bed. The dreams were so real and terrifying that I was afraid to go to sleep. This was for 100 Word Song at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. The song pick this week is Poor Places by Wilco and is hosted by Didi @sea

no bull

image via magpie tales don't be fooled child my bite is worse than my bark and my dark heart bluer than my eyes 2013 ~ Rene

tempus fidelis

image:  crilleb50 via magpie tales long have  i tried to press you into fulfillment will i never learn from the past? i sit and wait, you always arrive gracefully it is my weak faith that stumbles i count you as my only true fascination yet time spent alone with you, rare. Rene ~ 2013

the truth is somewhere in the middle of unbelievable

i’m taking every precious word ever uttered from your face and even  a few breaths of value i’m sticking them in a  pretty little,  cozy crystal  box and heading out on highway 90 i’m gonna shake them  down and to the left watch them pepper up the sky before they fall skidding, scudding back floating smack into  the mouth of the dead sea finally rene ~ 2013