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semi-high gloss

photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales click to enter

when my head
takes a walk on
my heart
and the right words
cease to roll
off my tongue
i put down the pen
pick out some paint
and a brush
and listen
as the four walls talk

Of Vienna Sunsets
Montana Skies
The Golden Prairie Harvest
of 1975
Parisian Rain
Barcelona Nights
and that 
Deepest, Truest Yellow
looks awfully green
in Evening Light
Firetruck Red
takes a coat 
or three of prime
or Banana Whisper
will Scream Orange
every time
walls speak with
Dutch Boy accents
in colorful metaphors
they'll Meet You At The Corner
and they'll hug you by the door
take you to Mystic Mountain
bring you Seashells By The Shore
is this all a Daydream
or am i as high as
Kansas Corn

Rene ~ August 2011


  1. either way its rather nice...but one will give you a nasty headache in the morning...

  2. actual paint fumes were inhaled during the writing of this Magpie

  3. the colors you conjure up are dreamy, i lost my focus just contemplating them!

  4. You've painted all your colours in my mind most beautifully. Thank you.

  5. wish i had that loveliness to fall back on. :)

  6. We should all be so fumigated...

    As the owner of two brightly painted duplexes (white walls? Me?!), I'm diggin' this on several levels.

    And yes. Primer is our friend.


  7. Can we all get together and inhale? Brian, you, Pearl, and me.....ahhhh those were the days....


    No, the people, not paint sniffing....

  8. Sweet with lots of colourful wiffs, too! Vienna Sunsets sounds so romantic......!

  9. Color Rene lovely ....

    the smell of paint made me sick during my childhood .. I was always sent to my grandparents whenever a painting project loomed.

  10. I love the bathos in the last line, after the panoply of colours. I guess paint fumes could be psychedelic.

  11. The wonderful fumes - love them and the painted picture(s) they hold.

    Anna :o]

  12. I liked this, but for reasons unknown to me the line "interior latex histories" made me shudder.

    Go figure.

  13. yeah, IG...I don't care much for it either. I figured I'd live with it for a while but the more I look at it the more I don't like it. And some of the rhymes are cringey.This poem is like paint...I'll just cover it over and put up something else...I'm just too lazy right now.

    Go figure.

  14. Splendid! Love the Seashells By The Sea revision. Much brighter than before.

    Although I suppose that 'latex' line could work in a piece of much different mood.

    And? I admire how you boldly go back and change it up. Courage, lass!

  15. I love your way with words! Such imagery! Maybe now that I live in NH too, I'll be able to hear some of these flowery words in person.

  16. thanks for the encouragement, IG...I'm always open to suggestions on any of my writing.
    Sometimes I gets stuck, y'know.

    Alyson! Definitely. We will have to arrange something!

  17. Oooh!I loved your poem...especially the first few lines...:)

  18. Thank you all for your comments! Don't you think the names paint manufacturers give their products are poetry? I wonder what goes into naming paint.

  19. I've always wanted to name paint...or lipstick...or fingernail polish.

  20. Rene - love the direction you took with this and the opening stanza hooked me from the start.

    Great Write!

  21. Nice rhythm and rhyme to this one!

    I love the way words flow here.

    Now, where is that paint can?

  22. I really like this one.

  23. and apparently forgot to give my name...


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