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i  shall float on through colours gay and glorious weaving my name into the night © 2013-Rene

paper and ink

they wrote of bluebirds and British cartography holding back their tongues they knew each other by the smooth stroke of their pens never touching hands they kept talk of love in the silence of their hearts their voices, their sighs never meeting air 2013-Rene For Magpie Tales


Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, 1895-96, Edgar Degas  grace flows  without  strings or seams born pirouetting spinning through the ether of dreams © 2013-Rene

step martyr

Resurrection Reunion 2,  1945, Sir Stanley Spencer (via Magpie Tales ) my heart is a broken standpipe fanning city water cayenne across sidewalks gutters ripple red over fast food bags and cigarette butts over the feet of priests and pit bulls over the hands of drunks and babies and into the mouths of rats and raconteurs you never oughta drink it when it ain't runnin 2013~Rene