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A World Of Kitsch..Right Around The Corner

Ahhh, The Dover Flea Market....the day-glo footwear, the pan-flute guy, the funnel cake! C'mon along...... Grab some grub! Trans fat free? Screw that....Just walk it off, the hot asphalt will melt it right out of you My Little Pony Balls Yes, please ask how much My Little Pony Balls are because the street vendor has never heard that one before. Should you haggle or dicker? Sweet ambrosia of the Gods...And then there was funnel cake!!!!! A chart of the basic food groups. Where, pray tell, is the Toasted Almond? Mmmmmmmmeat on a stick....fabuloso! Sassy Bras Note the "It's All About Me" bra Because nothing says sexy more than a bra with tween attitude. Pair it up with the "Talk To The Hand" panties and you're onto a winner. Finally! I can have my favorite photograph made into a toilet seat! Finally! I can have my memories encased in plastic, suspended in a clear gel and made into a toilet brush w/holder. The "Like You See It On TEEVEE&q

Beautiful Long Beach Island

"Irresistible" Surf City, NJ "Hydrangea On The Beach", Surf City NJ "Beach Walk" Surf City, NJ "Fences Beyond Fences" Surf City, NJ "H2O" Surf City, NJ "One foot, Two foot " Surf City, NJ "Quitting Time" Surf City, NJ


 I am a voice in the dark whispering in your ear be strong,  my dear you won't get lost  out there never on my watch I see  how you struggle and how you doubt yourself conquer your fear you won't get lost out there never on my watch I can't always  lead you to water or be there to catch you a fish but  i taught you how it's time for you do this now just believe  and follow through and i know you won't get lost  out there   ~Rene

Mother Hubbard's Troubles

her memories herself all that she is,  sits  nervously on the back hall shelf twice daily there is an inventory  of her precious collection a fretful, careful, tedious inspection  she scours the house on a mission to fill “China stolen  in broad daylight, Lord as my judge!”  she shrills around familiar faces her frustration increases for surely they know  the whereabouts of her missing pieces “oh please stop this thievery ” she pleas,  clutching a candle alarmed at the disinterest in this terrible scandal  rest now, mother come sit with me we’ll talk of the weather and what a lovely spring it will be aren't the roses  magnificent this time of year she smiles politely her mind wound  around  the fear of her memories herself  all that she is is disappearing so disturbingly from the back hall shelf

a type of lullabye

rain  on my  rooftop taps out  a symphony for ninety  Underwoods a savage  performance studded with thunderous percussion balm for my beastly soul Rene ~2013

Meaningful Nothingness

When I was a kid there was nothing more joyous than the last day of school That last minute seemed like an eternity! I swear the clock moved backward.  Then finally… FREEDOM! No more pencils, no more books! Of course there was the required summer reading to do, but wasn't the last three hours of summer vacation enough time to read Stuart Little? The summer spread out in front of me like a big picnic blanket A little of this a little of that Nothing to do but think about what I was going to do.... Noteworthy achievements like: Digging the worlds biggest hole Seeing how many circus peanuts I could fit into my mouth Testing the duration of a thick piece of chalk by starting a line in my driveway and ending who knows where Seeing if it were at all possible to do a 360 on my swing set Making a tree house out of odds and ends around the yard Finding out if I could somehow contact my dead pets from the great beyond Making the world's longest da