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the coming of perfect

Pierre Adolphe Valette this secret'll keep like warm biscuits squirreled away  in a blue smocked tin a wee small crack  in the pantry window let winter sunbeams  through a keyhole grin  Rene-2016  


photo by Francesca Woodman how divine  the child gone wild fresh tart confection  sweet hot jelly roll giggle &  blues storm  chaser done spun herself plum dizzy  now  everybody i n the spool 2016-Rene

no spoilers

it's high  time soon you'll find out & peep my soul through a glory hole i've called on the full moon to rattle up my bones these days & breaths  counted on beads  of sweat don't tell  how deep the scar i beg don't ask why it just is the end image via Magpie Tales