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strugglin' with faith

Rene ~ 2010 Faith tol't me Hope was at da bottom o'da well alive and kickin' as da day she wuz born ah hadda  believe her ah just hadda ... nowadays she always yammerin' on 'bout such crazy nonsense, po' thing Hope'd gone missin' weeks ago. an' so ah went down, like i always do down to dat well wit Faith lookin' thot Hope'd be bobbin' along up top on accounta her dead floatin' and all... an' ah'd just scoop her on out ...but no Hope, not now, again it was nuthin' der it wuz never nuthin' der but water an' more water i wuz tired of all this crazy so i just grab Faith's fat ol' hand an' say "See, she ain't here, i ain't seen her, so you ain't seen her, so hesh up fool!" dass when Faith got all spooky eye'd an' tol't me "Emmie, u ain't never believed me, not now, not yeser'day until u do, ain't gun'be any Hope... not now, not 

November Lace

Rene Foran It was nearly 90 degrees in that cozy little kitchen the smell of home cooking had attached itself to every molecule of every acrylic holiday sweater her every effort to help prepare the feast was waved off and redirected to the family room where a stony, silent, football viewing Mt Rushmore occupied the couch, a loveseat, and three folding chairs she wandered down  to the basement where she was years removed from the circle and miles behind the conversation so she drifted along searching where was her world? where was her piece? where did she belong? she slipped away  from the fray unnoticed up to her childhood room through the bedroom window and onto the rooftop poetic: " she sat arms hugging knees surveying life,  the leafless trees spindly branches claw the sky scratching for sun, to heaven they cry psalms of wisdom, strength and grace woven in November lace" th

eleven pm

To join Magpie Tales creative writing group click here . eleven o'clock news spills despair  all over our bedspread   we lie vertical, parallel steadfast an eleven high definition images and sounds surround  and bounce off  windows and mirrors transmitting mini satellite  feeds across our universe eyes ears souls overstimulated shoulders legs, thighs drenched in blue plasma obliterated we spoon into each other anchored weathering the media storm electric, together  Rene ~ 2013

bad girl risin'

Rene 2010 complicated pleasure confiscated time don’t bother to measure she’s surely crossed  the line d rawn by his hand drawn to his love driven by the stars and the full moon above the innocent eyes  of a good girl betray  desires of the bad girl  kept held at bay ~Rene


Homeless Picadilly Circus, London photo by wetwebwork i am the image of the invisible  God,  why have you forsaken me? ~ Rene 2010 Posted for   One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists

scraped hearts heal

i just let you go watched you fall yes, it was hard but i wanted you to learn how  to pick yourself up and start over.    had i rescued you, it's true, you wouldn't have cried  but much worse than failing  you wouldn't have tried

the handsome monkey king

Magpie Tales #40 somersault the world stick the landing shine them pearly whites ain't you a grand thing? change your hair seek and hide wield your staff change the tide declare yourself equal to heaven anger the gods sweep stables unending make deals with demons set horses free lose a bet with Buddha get locked up, five centuries older and wiser take a journey to the west with a pilgrim named Xuanzang and a restricting headdress fearlessly travel dark, dangerous woods for your strength and service earn Buddahood Rene ~ 2010 To join Magpie Tales creative writing blog click here.

street wisdom

Beacon Hill, Boston 2010 photo by Rene she wanders through life with her  shoelaces dragging behind her leaving a trail of where she's been, what she's done unaware  of the mark she's making busily silent she blazes onward toward  invisible necessity a mystery  that never leaves her alone her inner world meets outer world and spin into  infinity she reels but steadies herself she is small but not anonymous she weaves her webs around  the rest of us and every step she takes is on sacred ground ~Rene o.

un-still life

got in my car and drove over roads i used to know went to places i used to go i know it's been a while but i barely recognized my old world when did the woods become a mall my grade school's not there at all pieces of me have gone missing the more things change the more i see i can't take it all with me but i'm keeping the photos in my memory ~Rene

ruby thewes day

there ain't nothin' i depise more than a floggin' rooster 'cept maybe despicable webs spun by righteous men of...  mischief an' if i add them  tears i cried  for my daddy stolen from  a crocodiles  back i'd fill up  my  iron stew pot throw 'em all in set it on the fire an' jus  listen to 'em cry shit it's rainin'                                                       Ruby Thewes was a character from the book/movie  Cold Mountain. She was brilliantly brought to life by Renee Zellweger. Rene ~ 2010 To join Magpie Tales creative writing group click here.

contradictionally yours

i put three sugars  in my decaf it ain't funny but i just can't help but laugh i make up stories when i go to confession i drown my veggies in a lake of salad dressing i'm really happy but i write poems that are sad i try to be good but the good can't beat the bad hey, hey i'm contradictionally yours i'm not counting but i'm keeping score i am organized confusion i'm a winner but i'm losing my self control i gotta just let it go i say i miss you  but i wanna be alone i'm tired of talking but i'm not gettin' off the phone i'd walk five miles cuz i'd do that just to see your face then i'd beg for a ride back to my place i really want to change but then just stay the same i like the players but i just can't take the game hey, hey i'm contradictionally yours i'm not counting but i'm keeping score i am organized confusion i'm a winner but i'm losing my self control i gotta just let it go i say i'm