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we all fall for ashes

Photo by R.A.D Stainforth white smoke collection plate chalk dust rubbed from heaven's slate lace mantilla frames your face kiss me with the passion of a suffering saint grace amazing december eight the night is dark and the hour's late your sights above me yet here i wait lighting up another courage break chasing haloes my breath you take my soul you burn down to the stake watch them all line up see them all fall down for the sake of ashes Lord the way you roll me holy smokes let me into you a sacred, secret work of art and i will love you and all that you ponder in your heart Rene ~ December 30, 2012 Magpie Tales Lucky 2013 to you all!

road notes

hands at 10 and 2 i am the whole truth so help me God i swear i own this road this neck of the woods this way i'll prove it sign it in chalk and date it tear it  on the dashed line keep one half mail the other this highway's not a ribbon it's a zipper unzzzipped your land rolls into my land golden sweet delicious deep let freedom ring honest  and clear as the night  eyes wild with halogen soaked promised land  mountain songs reach up palm that star the second from the right it's no lie shhhh... let me ride Rene~December 27, 2012 for d'verse "Meet The Bar"/Postmodern Experimental


this is where the scenery fades the fabric falls away the adornments drop, unclasped the paint runs down the sink this is where real life drowns out the music, upstages the acting, thunders over the applause this is where the pretending stops where the lighting  dares you to get comfortable and the kidgloves come off yet this place is a safe place for revealing scars for smoothing calluses and mending hearts and fences this house  is your home this life is your castle dwell in it richly Rene ~ 2010 Wishes for a happy and safe New Year to you all! Thank you  always, for reading and sending me such lovely words of encouragement you keep me going :)


Forget-Me-Not trembles as Night leans in Tilting his head, cupping her chin Why do you shake when I am near? You are my truest love, my dear Oh dear Night, I am not afraid Just grateful for the visit paid Lost memory is what I fear You are my truest love, my dear Night smiles winking a starry eye Now, who knows you better than I? Forget-Me-Not laughs, her joy clear You. Are my truest love, my dear Rene ~ December 21, 2012 For d'Verse Poets

december twenty first

Photo credit: Andy Magee ( via Magpie Tales ) the best thing about us is not how we met or how we danced it isn't how we love or how we long or how we laugh it is certainly not how we fight or how we forget and as beautiful as they are it isn't the children we've made together or how we expertly handle every crisis or 90 mph curveball they throw our way i wish i could tell you it is our ability to weather storms shaken but unbroken and how we rise up from every defeat stronger than ever no.  the best thing about us is that we remain in each other's arms at each other's side We Are Rene ~ December 16, 2012


when you fell from  your mother you were the apple of her eye such a dear beloved  little babe black thorns twisting in your cry and squirming fertile, wild agendas taking seed inside the walls could never hold you back damned, if they didn't try your momma  prayed for you, singing all through  the night you grew tall in the  sunshine picking diamonds from the ire a fearless reckless, streetwise lamb braiding rattlers into wire your bleeding sacred, burnished heart pulsed red hot open fire the walls could never hold you back damned,  if they didn't try your momma  prayed for you, singing all through  the night Rene ~ December 13, 2012 For 100 Word Song and Meeting the Bar


Image via Magpie Tales i won't be leaving here with you nor will you be staying with me for any longer than you see fit that is just the way of it it is the silent refrain of my being i won't be leaving here with you but i will stay, until my time is done as your ceremonial chosen one no, this won't be my last tour though it is the first time i won't be leaving here with you shh, now, darling. this is what i do i see it in your eyes, our time's drawing to a close. please don't mind  the tears  they come, they go, it's true... i won't be leaving here with you Rene ~ December 8, 2012


go on  an' eat your  cake on your  pretty  little plate cross  your fingers at your  ankles beautiful  fools get the best of  everthin' hid  under the  skins of careless lovers did your momma  teach you that, when she taught you  how to pray ? did your daddy  praise you when you bat  yo' eyes? you draw them in with your satin  on their sin make them weep with your  sighs go on  an' hook their  arms with your clever little  charms tell them  stories 'bout your conquests you're a child  of god jus' doin' her  daddy's work say it  enough you'll start  believin' did your momma teach you that, when she taught you  how to pray ? did your daddy praise you when you  bat yo' eyes? you draw them  in with your satin  on their sin precious little lambs led by lies Rene ~ 2013


Image ( via Magpie Tales ) Object To Be Destroyed ~ Man Ray I often wonder where you've gone usually after I've had a bit of fun you never wait for me, or anyone for that matter always on your way noiselessly spinning healing wounds dispensing tinctures making fools in circles you are cursed, blessed sucked and wasted try as I might you will not be forced or hurried you are what I wish for more than anything yet when I have you in my hands all I want to do is kill you Rene ~ December 2, 2012 For Magpie Tales

chicken feet

i got your back sugar i'm se-ri-ous as a heart attack i'm clear and i'm present on target to capture and own it whenever you've got to unclench, i'll be your monkey, your wench gonna shake your la-gun-a whis-per all them magic words to ya i got your back lover just you stop, now and let it all go come slide on home honey fill me up now just let it all flow Rene ~ 2013