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the merry band

Photo from Tess Kincaid's collection  for Magpie Tales

last thing that they said
when they was loaded
in the van
was that
the ol' bastard deserved it
then they smiled
for the cameraman

the window
glided down
as they was being hauled away
two blushing beauties
like it was their wedding day

then a fresh faced
let out a rebel yell
"Hey Mr. Reporter
listen up, boy
we got some news to tell!"

Rejoice now!
All ye citizens
the demon dragon
has been slain
Hell yeah!
we done, done it
and we'd do it
all again

Rene ~ August 2011


  1. ok, i want the back story now...well done have set my mind a wandering with a hip hooray to freedom...

  2. Hmm well that is a modern day quest
    reminds me of youth...

  3. That's right, kiddies. Slay the dragon when the dragon needs to be slain. Just watch out for the coppers!

  4. This is a unique take on the prompt. I do like a bit of bad.........!

  5. Reminds me of the song "Goodbye, Earl". Except wayyyyy more awesome.

    You go, girl.

  6. What a twist with this one. Very well written!

  7. definitely want to know who the demon dragon was!

  8. Intriguing! Glad they did the dirty deed!

  9. Intriguing piece... but with where my mind has gone, not sure any one was a winner in this one. Hopefully a longer version by you was not as cynical as I interpreted.

  10. @Reflections...Yeah, this ones intriguing for sure, and it's a mystery to me what becomes of the three. No longer version planned.This is just what came out of me when I saw the photo prompt.

  11. Makes me wonder how exactly did they slay the demon dragon?I sense some serious mischief there..
    Very interesting piece!

  12. ...they done good!....and so did you Rene! :-)

  13. Uh-oh...I have a Capote-ish feeling of foreboding...

  14. Good one!...and you've got us all wonderfing now. Nice write. :-)

  15. Great story. Now I wanna know what the ol' bastard did.

  16. It felt so light and airy. I enjoyed every second, you lil genius. :)

  17. Oh I would love to know the backstory too.


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