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Past Imperfect, Future Indicative

Group Blog Thursday project: Write a letter from your present self to your graduation day self... This isn't so much a letter, but a conversation. A conversation with 1981 me would be a much more effective means of communication. Plus I think I'd be less flowery and poetic and much more direct with myself, if I were to actually meet...myself. 1981 me So here I am, sitting right behind myself at my high school graduation. I have been given a chance to travel through space and time to visit me, on this day. And believe it or not, I'm a little nervous! Hey, psst..... 2009 me kicking the back of 1981 me's plastic folding chair at the graduation ceremony. Congratulations, graduate. 1981 me turns around and sees someone familiar, kinda like Mom, but not exactly... and turns right back around. Great... I'm snubbing myself Psst..psst..heeeeyy.... ( 1981 me is in italics) Do I know you? I'm you..2009 You're stoned, and if you are me, what the h

Playin' In

Woke up to skies all graying Sad song on the radio playing  Want to roll over and hit snooze S ee you tomorrow.... Let's just stay home and cut school A day to forget about old rules We'll make our own as we go along... But we won't have none ... No we won't have none And it would be lovely Groovin' like a Sunday Put aside your cares For just today Ok? Time for a selfish holiday We'll build a pillow mansion A top secret space to crash in Don't have to tell nobody where Why would we wanna?... A do not disturb staycation Members of the Hiber Nation Hold all our calls until the Spring Cuz we've gone dreamin' Yeah, we've gone dreamin' And it would be lovely Groovin' like a Sunday Put aside your cares For just today Ok? We're gonna stay inside And play And let the world alone today... Peace - Rene 2009 webcomics courtesy of xkcd   insanely funny stuff  For DIY "this old bla

Nocturnal Navigations

This is an oldie but a sweety...and since my daughter is becoming "too cool" for me lately I had to indulge myself with this post...enjoy, but it's all about me right now. :) There has been a new bedtime routine going on at our place these past few nights. My 9 year old has taken to crawling into bed with her parents. We have to get to the root cause of this.  Gently. She pads in around midnight, like Mrs. Noah on Ambien, with an ark full of stuffed animals under her arms. I instinctively feel her forehead. Cool as a cucumber. "Bud-o, what's the matter"? "I can't sleep, I need to be with you". My husband wakes and groggily asks her if she's sick. "No Daddy, I'm just tired". "Go to bed, then". Fatherly wisdom. She burrows her way between us, with her stuffed menagerie, twining her legs around mine. Just like that she is off to sleep. I feel her heart beating, pressed to my side. I hear her slow steady rhyth

Doin' Stuff - Portsmouth, NH

The Memorial Bridge, Portsmouth NH I am a geek for bridges and Memorial Bridge is one of my favorites. A Memorial to the Sailors and Soldiers of New Hampshire who participated in the World War 1917-1919, the Memorial Bridge spans the Piscataqua River, bringing US 1 to Badger Island, in Kittery, ME. It is #9 on the America's Most Endangered Historic Places list. A rehabilitation project for the bridge was planned for 2009, but the project has been placed on hold because the winning bid for the contract came in $15 million over budget. Whoops! those were commas? The stalled rehabilitation project together with proposals to demolish and replace the bridge were factors in the inclusion of the bridge on the endangered list . This is a view from the Portsmouth side.  Constructed between 1920 -1923, the Memorial Bridge is a through truss lift bridge. It is open to vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles. Because of  the open-grate decking,cyclists must walk their bikes over the length of th

The Good Girl Blues

May I please?  No, thank you! A good girl Smiles through Bad news Step aside Fade away You have No shine You cannot Play A good girl silently Takes Words To heart It isn’t the others It’s all  Her fault A good girl   views herself As strange She mourns The features She cannot change She is b rok en She is wrong She does not  fit She isn’t strong And so she...... fades Into the black Blind to the light Behind her back Good girls Let the  World Define them Bury Their feelings Deep inside Them Not worthy Of affection, They deserved What they Got Never once Accepting That It’s not  Their fault. Peace - Rene 2009 Please visit Jessica Bern of  BernThis  and watch her   Aunt Flo video for Seventh Generation . Yes you! C'mon... It's short, snappy and hysterically funny.  And since you are there... sign up for Eco-responsible Seventh Generation coupons and mailings and they will donate one dollar to ovarian cancer research.  They'll give some gree