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don't tread on me

she's still not over the fact that  she is under the ground she speaks in rattly, clattery hissing  voices whenever they come around "I'll reach right up and turn your ankles you unforgivable gits,  for burying me,  prematurely,  over a spell of the coughing fits" so angry with her new residence and  bored a deeper shade of blue she's knocked over her marble marker and broken it clean in two. Boo! ~ Rene 2010 To join Magpie Tales click HERE For another take on this magpie please check out  "The Song Of The Stone Healer"

the water bearer

your words are water each drop hitting the spot with even more intensity than the one before filling in the dry neglected cracks in my heart restoring life giving hope my cup overflows my thirsty soul rejoices realizing the value of my well and how dry and untended to i had let it become look down at me  now see your reflection,  the mirror  of my soul Peace ~ Rene Thanks to Brandi of  Recklessly Me  for this week's "One Single Impression" prompt, "Grace".  One Single Impression  is a community of poets writing and sharing haiku and other poetic forms. Each week we will offer up a new prompt that we hope will inspire your writing. We invite participants to share ideas for prompts, too.


Ugly I would much rather do an awkward red dress tango with life  than just merely watch, from a distant corner, playing footsie with a table leg. But this dress? makes me want to crawl under the table. Rene ~ 2010

unicorn blues

Magpie Tales #37 woke up this mornin' beside myself just me, myself starin' at myself forty days bleedin' into forty nights i can't make it right can't stand my sight risin' river drownin' hopes of love no sign of light from them clouds above down below just a lonely gaze silent and haunting through the smoky haze green valley memories swirl and tease my head and what you said before you fled promised me that i'd find love again a true soul friend at different rainbow ends risin' river drownin' hopes of love no sign of light from them clouds above down below just a lonely gaze silent and haunting through the smoky haze Rene ~ 2010 Whoa! Sorry for the mega depressing magpie!  I even bummed myself out after reading this. It is in no way autobiographical, so worry not gentle readers. I usually go with my first thoughts when doing first thought upon seeing the photo prompt was loneliness...


Sara stared, chin in hand, out of the kitchen window at the autumnal beauty of massive oak in the corner of the yard. Though the neighboring pine boughs had almost obscured her view she could still see the grey shingles and the topmost three rungs of the treehouse ladder nestled within the flaming oak. Making this silent, visual connection had become a part of her daily routine, her touchstone. With all of the changes going on her life it was nice to have this sturdy, familiar constant. "What'cha looking at?" his voice startled her and make her jump a little. It was her husband, Dan. She was still getting used to the fact of his being home during the day, courtesy of recent layoffs at the plant. "The leaves are really beautiful this year, she sighed. And that oak never disappoints, it really is a showstopper." Dan stroked his chin and squinted at the view as if he were viewing abstract art at a gallery. "Guess I'll have plenty of time to

waiting for the boss

this is the story of a girl who lived in the basement of the girl next door sheltered in the confines of a  suburban tract house dungeon; her punishment for runnin' wild with dreams half unlatched she ran like a spirit in the night from those badlands wind blowin' through her hair shielding her eyes from the blinding light she hugged onto a shoreline of hope someday soon, she's not sure when her savior will rise up from the streets with an armload of rain soaked roses and second chances Rene ~ 2010 Click  Here   to join Magpie Tales creative writing group .

all is right where she left it

left behind put out of mind all that care put into selecting wrapping making sure not to forget forgotten time and empty hands triggered a memory a rushing back a reunion, relief and for a brief moment belief that the world is good. Rene~2010 Written for the   One Stop Poetry Team , for One Shot Wednesday

the fire under grace

I now see the fire  you held beneath your calm green color me awestruck rene ~ 2010


tongues of fire spread the news of a brilliant history in peach baskets we gather the fallen each one magnificent precious green booted we playfully  scud cones and needles  heavenward harvest fragrances  dance as wet earth mingles with burnt offerings branches heavy bearing gifts  of a year in the life to make sweet  the dark time Rene ~ 2010 A Magpie Tales submission for Magpie 35. Click   Here   to join Magpie Tales creative writing group .