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Like a tic-tac on flypaper

You know when you go to the refrigerator and then just stand there staring at the milk or oj, or whatever the hell else you have in there, because you can't remember what you wanted...this post is a lot like that My mother's dog Lena secretly pees on floor near the slider after she has been let mother does not believe me ( it's condensation from the window, she maintains) and gets defensive. I swear Lena is smirking at me in that ha-ha kind of way. Why would I lie about such a thing? I stand to gain nothing. Heads up Lena, I'm on to you, bitch. While I was at the garage, passing time waiting for my oil change, I was marveling at a long piece of flypaper festooned with fly remains of all shapes and sizes. I noticed what looked to be two or three tic-tacs stuck to the strip. Why and how I wondered. Were some bored kids chucking them up there? How many tic-tacs were tossed before those few stuck? Ahhh...But now there's minty fresh fly death and onl

the way back

 standing knee deep in daydreams  watching the saturday sky  change pinks and blues melt with  smooth yellow hues if i could only taste it sunset taffy riding shotgun  in your old  convertible watching the scenery  change landscapes limbo with  power lines and moon glow  i could almost hear it steel drum street songs i keep these moments within the reach of my inner child i enjoy them  irresponsibly and it's funny how something  now brings me way back  then and i'm always ready to go back there again climbing  trees in the old apple orchard watching the season  change honey crisp smiles under vivid  leaf piles i could forever smell this harvest goodbye dusting frames on old family pictures watching the timeline change scenes and smiles stretch 'cross years and miles if i could only feel those long ago bear hugs i keep these moments within the reach of my inner child i enjoy them irresp

Blades Of Cotton

look of steely determination and effortless grace while posing frozen mid-ice waiting for music to start check perfectly positioned arms and delicate porceline doll like hands extended out to an adoring crowd check plucky, girl next door, underdog, Miss Runner-Up story aired before performance check tiger-like smile after nailing quad check infectious happy tears after finishing program check playful kiss and cry room banter check beatific look of humble gratitude while accepting flowers check 3 hanky, most downloaded on youtube, medal acceptance complete with heart tugging national anthem moment check Talent needed to complete the skating part of the program... I'm going to have to get back to you on that Wait... Does sock skating count? Peace ~ Rene


like a comet with a beautiful tail streaking through your orbit a flirtation out of reach still you're winking out of habit you're landscape under a flight path brother one dash in a dotted line one wish in a billion of bedside whispers cast into the sky and it's gone before you know it and all you got is what you saw just a fleeting  frozen memory unable to thaw 2AM Poetry ~ Rene 2010

without red

taken away from the room taken away from the world all too soon yesterday's laughter still echoes down hallways not up to speed with the news and the red has all run from her now bled out in a river of earth and the color of her lips like fireplace ashes the remains of a once burning hearth 2AM Poetry ~ Rene 2010 I must give credit to Mmm at Hot Toast And Jam for this post. It was actually inspired whilst commenting on his "Imagine A World Without Red" theme Thursday. I apologize for posting this so late and for the depressing tone of it, but really, a world without red would not be very cheery.  Thanks Mmm! I also would like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of simple things for the challenge on Enchanted Oak's blog. Again I am late to the party but I'd like to offer this Meaningful Nothingness post as my contribution for Haitian Relief. Peace ~ Rene