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gypsy moth

Between Heaven and Hell, 1989 by Jacek Yerka you never baked pies that weren't worth the penance why the hell try you never learned how to keep your hands to myself saw no reason why you drew crooked lines with sharp knives, in quicksand (maybes) set in stone got your momma's hair and your daddy's long, long legs rolling soul is your own did i never see? your feet barely grazed the ground i told myself lies time to let you go cut your threads out of my nest gypsy moths fill the sky ......................... it was a fine fall and apples were in season when i said goodbye Rene ~ March 29, 2013 For 100 Word Song - Sorry For It All and Magpie Tales

the beckoning

it started out well enough toast and jam, and ring a ring o' roses but then, out came the lanterns shining, burning the daylight down to grey my soul tugged, called to duty to learn every little world wonders name what is it that makes them so these truths beg to be witnessed every day do you not see what I see? a lamp in every laugh, cough and footstep irresistible journeys forgive me, as I must be on my way Rene ~ March 24, 2013 For Magpie Tales Image: Not to be Reproduced, 1937 by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte


my first kiss, huh? Hah! is that why you're here? is this what you want to talk about? (oh god!) it was dreadful! not so much the kiss but my reACTion towards it... i just didn't know HOW i was...i just, i didn't know how IT was???? done!!! ^~^' i made the mistake of looking ^Q^ (it was all lips and TEETH and~tongue~) oh no! -i wasn't afraid- i was just too young ^=^ Rene~March 20, 2013 For Poets United REACTION

Jack's Prayer

Today I will let go and trust in Jesus, myself, and tomorrow Armed with faith hope and love I will do impossible things boldly Rene ~ March 2013 In Memory of Jack Donaldson I just noticed that "Jack's Prayer" is my 333rd post :)


Picasso, faun-horse-bird, 1936 she sang you in like a sea serpent charmed i'm sure once on her lips a lifetime on your knees begging your once limber tongue now tied in despair poor thing such a pity tempted by that pretty sly bird worse than her song was her empty reward silence and now you dream of diving black horses screaming dragging you down under a shameful sun drowning so easily you surrender your grip freedom Rene ~ March 17, 2013 For Magpie Tales


unsprung kick the bars down set on fire the grey sails scream technicolor,wake the skies riot bright Rene ~ March 14, 2013 For d'Verse Poets Pub - Form For All~Cinquain


Meal Beach, Burra Isles, Shetland by Robin Gosnall  you are the morning sun on my neck and the moon over my shoulder am i the maddest hot magician of your rogue imagination you are my true astrological high and the puller of my tides i ride the waves of your affection balancing physics and nature you are an unfinished blood sonnet a night song a prophet of rhyme i run without stopping to breathe in catching you as you turn away you remind me with the truest eye such great love is not a given i stand tall in the force of your truth kiss your head and leave you to go Rene ~ March 10, 2013 For Magpie Tales , 100 Word Song and d'Verse Poets The 100 Word Song prompt is "Better Dig Two" by The Band Perry and is my d'Verse Poetics: InterActions song choice

fart like no one is smelling

the morning ritual hugging a strong half full coffee cup like a golden prodigal newborn right now at the ranch there's nothing more television cat calls live nude chicken dancing politicians slipping on banana peels more at eleven nobody waits i pack a half sandwich celebrity second world tips and tricks happiness is losing weight ice cream slut shaming look out for drones Rene ~ March 7, 2013

2 am

Image: ( via Magpie Tales ) TheFoxandRaven     what i made of her: a pouty lipped wringing wet pre-coital national velvet era box top version of liz taylor i left behind in the attic with her narcoleptic libido and her a&p bags  full of half finished coming of age dime store beach trash she a dark secret, a red sash heart murmur, a wicked invention of an adolescent  ouija board imagination she now screams blue,  dripping wet and seething  down my dream halls how DARE I leave! how FUCKED UP to remember! pillow flipping off her midnight power surge i drown her out  in buckets of tidal sweat good lord, girlie go the hell to sleep go to hell to sleep Rene ~ 2013


Norton's Diner, Nashua, NH Photo by Rene a sturdy burger a rich, robust cup a dash of catch up on the local scuttlebutt