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feast day

you want a piece of me my love my heart my soul you have the tools to make that happen leave nothing but the bones Rene~September 30, 2012 For Magpie Tales Image via Magpie Tales "It Must Be Time For Lunch Now", 1979, Francesca Woodman

faith 신의

SBS Image of   Lee Minho as Choe Yeong in  신의 ( Faith )  from Google Images i keep a flower in a bottle of aspirin recall the beauty cure the pain i hide my heart under a plate of armor the less i feel the less i break exhale the past breathe in tomorrow i fill my lungs i can't let go i wait for dark to battle with the demons i know their strength i know their names i gave my word to keep the bad things from you have faith in me a brave broken soul i gave my word to keep a light around you have faith in me i'll carry you home Rene ~ September 27, 2012 I must admit that I am absolutely smitten with all things Kdrama! Especially the time traveling drama 신의 ( Faith)  and Answer Me 1997 I stumbled across them this summer on Hulu and have been hooked ever since. I find the Korean language beautiful and the actors stunningly attractive. Though the stories may seem a bit cliched to some ( I can't get enough of that love triump

red eye

night brings eclectic fantastic frustration a flight of swirls and french curlicues dive into teapots and tickle toast crusts you speak i cannot hear over public address whale songs i extend my hand a foot feels like fifty yards kisses micrometres from touching sparks miss connections in terminal holding patterns you and i in dreams circling i can see my life from here Rene~September 2012 Image via Magpie Tales Flying Down by David Salles, 2006

Gimme More

Venus and The Sailor, 1925, by Salvador Dali via Magpie Tales I'll dip you over the edge of the universe breathless then stare you down like Brando catching then dropping you in time enough to fall clinging breaking free then chasing you down hiding in chains a fugitive on the run seeking willing to give it all up you're nothing more than a shiny  thing glistening after the tango as i leave hungry heart of a hunter forever wanting more © 2013 - Rene

high school hope chest

i was a carpenter's dream you never could shut up about that i was more than just geometry you didn't own you lacked the tools and sense to figure that out hormones and swelling glands navigating your every move yet you bothered with me when I couldn't even stand myself if only i could have changed my breasts or cut away my ethnic nose maybe our conversations could have gone somewhere instead of falling flat like your idiotic punchlines i was always the straight man in your perfect, curvy world forever waiting for the hook to yank you back truth be told behind the forced laughter you had no idea that I didn't mind Rene ~ September 2012 I was just feeling like a "big for her size" 14 year old this morning... And this is the havoc I chose to wreak on the planet. It's a little thin after the hook brings you back part... Work in progress. I'll flesh it out a little more. Maybe. If I feel like i


together we work twisting fallen branches into shelter sanctuary for the wretched lost no room for anger and ego no place for such luxurious self indulgences as that but for perseverance, hope and unfailing faith there is an infinite fortune of welcoming space for the wretched lost we weave sanctuary from fallen branches unified by fire together we work Rene~September 11, 2012 photo credit Rene

autumn morning

Fernand Léger, Breakfast, 1921 join Magpie Tales do you dream as I do of love sudden and shocking eliciting the chatter of teacups feverishly thrusting into heated debate can you find a moment as you brush by me and onto your routine to take me, breathless, to the beautiful we once knew Rene ~ September 9, 2012

the call

Summer Night, 1913, Albert Bloch. Courtesy of Magpie Tales the piper man has come like it or not time to mind the call or forever be pulled how we danced to songs in ordinary time how delicious the fruit of each new discovery how we dreamed on shoulders broad and mighty firm with expectation yet fair with compassion how we loved on sheets fragrant with infinity figure eights rising and falling under a sturgeon moon time has now come to heed the call of the piper, to the hungry table to serve with love the lessons learned what good will it make? Rene ~ September 3, 2012