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Song Of The Stone Healer

and I will make you whole again restored to what you once were standing tall for what you hold deep inside silent sentinel for those who  sleep steadfast reminder for those who have loved a herald for those who search and I will make you whole again it is what I do it is all I can

Scent Memory

black & white sunday afternoon sitting under blankets sniffling & stargazing eloquent,  chivalrous gentleman offers handkerchief lady  (who is no fool) accepts he dashes off she breathes it in eyes wide shut imprinting my nose buried  in kleenex my eyes red shut inhaling  mentholyptis i imagine the scent of a gentleman Rene ~ 2010 To join Magpie Tales creative writing blog, click   HERE.

Pretty Perserverance

oh, my, my, my, my, my, my... where are my pretty words? they used to glide down like a silk stocking on an autumn afternoon lately, they've been bunched up like grandmama's  girdle in august "c'mon girl lean in and pull it together" i shake and struggle against too much morbidity and not enough material a multitude of sins to be boiled down to three adjectives eventually  things do come together bound and determined with a tug  and a pull breathe in grandmama now exhale... Rene ~ 2010

Magpie 32 - Her Secret Recipe

after her last birthday she took to storing sugar in the hourglass to sweetly pass time Rene~2010 To join the fun at Willow's Magpie Tales click  HERE.


Anne Marie stretched  across the back of the Oldsmobile just talking with Karla and sharing a Marlboro Mike is a jerk cuz he hasn't yet called her two weeks at college and he can't be bothered Well you know he can go climb a tree cuz he ain't got the decency to give the mother of his child  a shout damn college boy got it all figured out. Please check out my poem "Fallen" published on Indie Ink today, consider submitting your own writing or photography.

Magpie 31 - Our Lady Of Sheer Mystery

hurry down sundown join heaven  and earth make the ordinary sacred, luminous draped  in dusk born shadow yes  i do see her head bowed in fervent prayer sorrowful cross on her back glorious world at her hem   a miraculous apparition trusted, believed i do not lean unto my own understanding i can only joyfully hope with all of my heart. Rene ~ 2010 To join Magpie Tales creative writing prompt blog click  HERE .

Lover's Tree

'an as much as he sayed he loved me jimmy never did put my name up on lover's tree 'ah gots it bad for ya emmie he go 'an cry dat into my bosom sucklin' like a newborn 'an springing up between me 'an so i bled 'and i scream 'an i cry hard tears jus' like a woman do for dat tiger man jimmy 'an den he tell me yous a sweet girl i luv you emmie... yous a sweet, sweet girl 'an as much as he sayed he loved me jimmy never did put my name up on dat lover's tree Rene

Honey Gold

honey gold warming  my cheek your light  is gonna last me  through  the week golden delicious sweet autumn  kisses taste so nice mixin’ the sugar  with the spice sunshine workin’  those rays you keep me smilin’ when the sky turns grey and when the night  falls you’ll hear your  name  called see you  soon i’ll brag about you to the moon. Rene