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Stone Pony~Sunapee, NH~Rene 2009 let’s just get in the car and drive no destinations no expectations just me and you and the open road go where it takes us turn where it makes us highway lines your hand on my thigh singing songs on the radio staying where we want to go let’s get out of the car and hike through cemeteries and sanctuaries just me and you and the distant past we’ll read their history then set our own free highway lines your hand on my thigh singing songs on the radio staying where we want to go let’s get back in the car and light that spark that makes us go where it takes us just me and you and an open field no reservations 'bout accommodations highway lines your hand on my thigh singing songs on the radio staying where we want to go  Rene ~ 2013

Sugarfoot Pond

we walked together down the dirt road to Sugarfoot Pond holdin' hands not sayin' nuthin just walkin' and lookin' at the ground my heart was beatin' so  hard i could feel it in my hand at least  i think it was  my  heart it was hard tellin' if it were mine or his a bird started makin' some racket and he said, hush up, you crazy bird! and the bird, it stopped yappin' just like that i said, why you do that, Jimmy? why you tell that bird to hush? and he said i was just countin' your heartbeats and you know what? i think they's the same as mine! i laughed at Jimmy but he was real serious lookin' and so then i started lookin'  real serious at him right back and then that crazy Jimmy he starts squawkin' real loud just like that bird and so we squawked down the dirt road together not doin'

I See Right Through Me

from the top of the ferris wheel i can see my house and all of those finger smudges, those sticky, innocent little imperfections the same ones that drive me crazy at ground level, somehow when i see them from up here, from this lofty perspective, they give the edginess of my world a more blended, softer focus and i realize that they are a beautiful and essential part of my surroundings. Peace ~ Writer Rene lovely, Rene...yeah, you blend... hang this on the fridge, toots, the ride is over. and as pretty and precious as your words are, they do not clean the house. plus, in order for you to realize the beauty of your surroundings,  it is essential to be able to actually see out of the windows. Especially that storm door window, there's nothing beautiful about bird poop. Get Busy ~ Reality Rene " Short Sweet Saturdays"

table for one

he was still as a stained glass saint she was  a serpent at his heel ready to spring at the  slightest movement it rattled at her brain and bothered her balance what was she missing what the cosmic secret he kissed her and smiled gratefully comfortably numb as one hundred thousand over caffeinated teeth gnawed away  at her belly Peace ~ Rene

like a prophet

when you speak let it be your tongue that is on fire and not your pants may your words ignite positive action positively may your actions show deep love and concern for your brother always starting right here after services in the parking lot Peace ~ Rene "short sweet saturdays"

earth tones

i'm uncomfortable with nattering restlessness deafened by the frenetic buzz  of the movers and the shakers i do not blend well into the neon light and i prefer the rustic charm of root vegetables over concoctions whipped up by chemists in chefs clothing i am a child of the green gold sod a product of   a washerwoman's holiday i understand need i believe in want Rene ~ 2013

not so crazy daisy

a froth of daisies tickle the hillside behind the barn petals beyond petals deciding the fate of would be lovers does she love me? does he love me not? why don't you ask her ? one daisy finally said that way  you will know and i can keep my head Peace ~ Rene

Ya gotta start somewhere....

This is my first entry for "Creative Tuesday" hosted by Hot Toast and Jam. The theme is "Pure Imagination"... All entries had to be either drawn or put together in collage form. No that means no poetry for you, Rene. Ack! I was a little reluctant to enter because...well, what do I know from drawing? I had a bit of trouble just starting the thing, as I wanted to come up with a drawing that would complement my skill level, ( absolute doodlin' beginner), yet still get the point across without being too lame. So I began to think "inside of the box"... And sooo...she said cringing and closing her eyes Thanks Mr. Toast for ever so slightly nudging me to just have fun and submit something. Me draw pretty one day :) I invite you all to join Creative Tuesday at Hot Toast and Jam, click the link at the top of the page for details. Just have fun.... Peace ~ Rene