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"Endeavor", Lino Tagliapietra, Columbus Museum of Art Courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales glide through the eye of a ruby kaleidoscope sail from river to sky gone in sixty seconds greet the moon  with a two bite amuse bouche let star nectar drizzle down the chin of  insatiability mop the furrowed brow of a crimson lipped sun whisper sweet innuendos to a lovelorn venus twist the ear of an asteriod punk roam contentedly disconnected til the swollen river tugs pirouette earthward tousled yet impeccably done ~ the eel wife the eel wife dreams of oceans and islands of gods and goldeneyes of frantic kisses of an unending slew of lovers and the taste of fresh coconut Rene ~ June 2011


peach  colored night sailor’s delight my gypsy soul wrestles for  control  over my  c ommon sense gonna hop the fence and hit  the r oad less traveled let my life  u nravel and all  the knots u ntangle nobody askin' where i'm going or where i've been don't need no certification to take a load off,  m y friend fed curiosity  to the cat left my baggage  at the flat come hit the road less traveled let your life unravel a nd the knots  u ntangle follow  the  carrot i dangle down  the  road  less  traveled Rene ~2009 Revised June 25, 2011

miss firecracker

Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales i remember that july night my eyes boast that they saw first what had sifted down to my heart and built an altar to miss firecracker she was pitching elevator passes to some sort of suburban pre-approved heaven singing the bluesy truth about the coming glory Hallelujah in platform vintage trampling boots she was a watch fire for the word which my jubilant feet followed all the way down to the mission district i feared no evil in her aura sword to her bosom steel in her eye her smile was a trumpet call that peeled the wrath from the grape she wrote my name on her hand and pressed it to my lips "you are the one apart from the 99" i marched on, side by her side heart door unlocked and ajar while feeding apples to the sheep the truth poured out she did not want me for her she wanted me for Him her pawn for salvation a piece of silver for her purse all i was, was all this was there was no us

neptune's telephone

Photo courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales i'm gonna downsize to a palace i can carry on my back givin' up my  landline gettin' off the fast track breakin' up my shell collection scatterin' it all a'round on several sunny beaches that's where it'd all be found so if you'd like to reach me  or just leave me alone grab a conch and ring me  on neptune's telephone Rene ~ June 2011


photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales yes  it is eye still blue though untrue and very much in the dark that yonder window's just a stone a bedeviled egg rolled away from a soul cave tell me are you crying? because it sounds like you are don't cry i still dream in color Rene ~ June 2011