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Guarding Tess

Former First Lady ~ Rene 2010 This photo was taken at the former Bayley~Ellard High School in Madison, NJ. No longer a school, the landmark Georgian style mansion is currently being renovated to be used as a retreat house and spiritual center. Though she has fallen into disrepair, hints of her former glory shine through the layers of dust and crumbled plaster.  Two folding chairs stand guard at her main staircase. Because I have this quirky habit of attaching human characteristics to inanimate objects... I felt the folding chairs may have accepted their new assignment with great reluctance, but had no choice in the matter. So now they stand guard, mightily cheezed off about  their "less than" duty, deeply sighing every now and again about not being used properly for the purpose that they were intended. I was reminded of Nicholas Cage's role in the movie Guarding Tess . "C'mon, we're chairs! We are supposed to attend functions and galas, seat lo

stickin' the landing's the hardest part

Slippery Rock ~ Rene 2009 higher higher giggles stirring the air like ice cubes  in lemonade outstretched  red mary janes frantically  kicking clouds farther farther to destinations  in need of shower curious hands gripping chains tighter tighter eyes full of daring squinting winking jokingly into the sun patches of freckles blooming merrily along "I'm singing about swinging!" "I'm singing about flying!" reaching altitude amazing pit of the stomach dropping feeling eyes closing  courageous heart pounding anxious hands pulling back loosening grip breaking free letting go leaping soaring smiling touching down landing laughing "I'm alive!" Peace ~ Rene

The Possibility Of An Endless Maybe

Rene ~ 2010 after work she would drive by that old station an everyday ritual she'd linger in the taxi lane for just three minutes or the average length of a cigarette she'd convince herself that she didn't care anymore ha! free at last! but her heart just nodded  knowingly yes, dear and as she drove off she'd smile but she'd never, ever, wave ~ Rene

Farmer's Tan

Rene ~ 2010 make a wish but don't tell me i want to remember  how things are  right now happily splashing  through life's puddles with our farmer's tans we don't own a thing but we got  everything Peace ~ Rene 2010 Short Sweet Saturday

The Sum Of Her Seashells

sugar frosted feet sun kissed knees freckled faces saying cheeeese! families on the beach under umbrellas building sandcastles for Cinderella some folks bring everything but the kitchen sink we just bring towels  oranges and sunscreen and something to drink y'know oranges taste better  sitting on the beach  nothing more delicious except maybe a peach the water beckons bathers with her salty hello's " why don't you come a little closer, let me tickle your toes." her tidal aroma through my senses does swirl ahhhh...the breath of life my spine uncurls i listen to her many voices a roar a whisper a chantey a crash a giggle  a taunt a happy puddle splash we lug around buckets of seashells growing too heavy to hold can't we throw some back? No! each one of them is gold we sit on our towels as we count up our treasures an infinite number of simple pleasures among them sun, sand and water but the greatest is this time to