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the driver

Lee Friedlander from America by Car Inspired? Check out Magpie Tales did'ya ever  wonder wonder about  them the they behind the eyes and teeth all slick soft  froggy squirming  underneath did'ya ever wonder, now wonder about  them did'ya ever  follow follow them  home down the alley everywhere they roam combing them out with a fine tooth comb did'ya ever follow them all the way home did'ya ever feel just a little scared sinister shadows shamble through  sight lines what the devil's  scratching down your spine now, did'ya ever feel just a little scared dont'cha ever wonder dont'cha ever wonder dont'cha ever wonder dont'cha ever wonder dont'cha ever wonder all the way home Rene ~ October 2011


google images little pebble from a  great big stone makes a ripple in a great big lake it don't ask why  now or what's it for it just goes and does what it do what's it to you on Park Avenue what's it to you and your little dog too well here's sumthin' new it ain't for you so move along now that little splash'll do what it is, now that it's bound do so mind the leather wear your overshoes just go on and do what it is, now that you're bound to do Rene ~ October 2011

good sleeping weather

photo by Chris J. Chambers sailing paper boats under german opera skies autumn aerialists dive splashing down  into gray blue eyes i tug at my wool cap the wind picks up a ride how i hate to be alone after the beautiful goodbye Rene ~ October 2011

reluctant october

Photo by Rene  how divinely you dance around the thread smiling, barely breathing spinning secrets and angelic half truths into silken veils without so much as a ripple every vowel whispered swallowed up and held smartly, tightly in your hot little grasp a carrot dangled over a bear trap heart Rene ~ October 2011 Google Images Inspired? Please visit Magpie Tales and submit your own take on  the above photo prompt. Be Creative!