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we love pure, sacred unguarded  hearts racing like raindrops down windowpanes every touch, kiss and cry  a biblical deluge we love pure, sacred infinite our past cleansed immaculate our future ignited, alive Rene~2013 Image via Magpie Tales

the crossing

photo by Rene "Sunapee" i am a bridge a fixture of transition arms flung open beckoning a foot in each port skirt skimming the here between two theres your change is my constant your flight my ground Rene ~ October 24, 2012 33 words about change

mo chuisle mo chroí

Image from public domain files this new awakening has stirred up my sensibilities comfortable truths like worn out shoes can't support me now i walk the line between safe and perfectly reckless barefoot on the edge of a sea glass mountain waiting for the push or the shove or the fall as i stand here still stuck in this borrowed dress, life and time laughing at the imagined cocktail party talk that would undoubtedly ring through the parlor of my funeral i'll bet you never thought she go'an do a thing like that feckin' brave, her taking the jump knowin' the fall good love'll do that to a body may we all fall so hard Rene~October 23, 2012 For 100 Word Song it is my new thing to take it to 111 Cuz I'm a punk like that @writesidemama, aka “mama” has chosen this week’s  writing prompt song, Falling To Pieces from Faith No More. All about indecision. I know from that. This indecision's buggin


flip the dream switch bury the hatchet in the two ply gauze of pseudo fantastic swerve like Brando or maybe James Dean eat a kumquat in the lap of the queen paint a chair on the staircase of truth cinder blocked echoes a confessional booth you learned about love from a stripper named Fay by reading her diary that she left on the train "love each other like it's Christmas Eve at the 7-11 and the slurpees are free" carry butane bullets in your heart for the girl erotic fictitious calamity makes your flag unfurl kiss your spouse as you spoon into bed the smell of ramen and the colour red Rene ~ October 20, 2012 This poem was inspired by a d'Verse Poets challenge "Steampunk and enjambments" I was too late for the link up but that shouldn't stop you from checking out the link. Missed it by 10 hours, Brian :) "train" is also my Magpie Tales submission #140

son of a gun

i keep a light  on and a  sharp word, pointed, honed and waiting for the windmills of his  mind  games. He  keeps my love  letters in his gun safe. And just outside my windowpane his heart screams wild seduction. Don't get too close, girl he'll eat you up, everybody   keeps on saying. Walk away while you got the sense and half a chance, to break and run. I laugh and soak cigarettes in his sexy talk and gasoline just for the bang I love my sweet l'il son of a gun. Rene~2013

Glory, fading

she was light and magic, springtime laughter woven through her hair i found her world cluttered and noisy, a place where logic frowns ambushed, my heart leapt when i heard a bird call, her breath of life she was a singer of hymns, a joyful, patient sentinel i was a snare drum, ready to snap at the skip of a beat i now find myself leeching to the choir, waiting on her voice she was an anchor, an ocean,and my spirited ticket to ride i gnawed away at the tether, unaware of the life line i hold, waiting like a child, the loose end of her crimson thread Rene ~ October 10, 2012 Trying my hand at form of poetry known as Korean Sijo a departure for me because I'm a flighty free verse girl. I learned of this form from my friend and fellow poet Marian at Runaway Sentence Girl can write. I hope I've done the form justice. Lastly, this is a submission for 100 Word Song , hosted by my friend and fellow writer, Lance from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I went over the 100

the letting go

the will is gone and all that's left is the thrill of passing on of leaving debts and dirty laundry lists and tangled ends family and fortunes unsorted undone and so with the letting go begins the end ~ a brave new face with a mission carved in stone sits down beside me finds a way into my bed whistling eyes smiling hand on my thigh marking time by my gate picking the lock on my soul always faithful forever charming darling it's time he croons softly when are you coming home? Rene ~ October 2012 Image: Sick Woman, 1655, Jan Steen via Magpie Tales Pretty depressing take on the prompt. When I saw the smile on the woman's face the first thing I thought was that she was dying and had come to terms with it. She was ready to let go.

mise en place

in this house there is ritual there are knives wine and truth souls resting at room temperature butterflied ready for the heat steel drawn a stainless flash tok, tok, tok tok, tok, tok peppers, onions and herbs shuffle down words and emotions form organically honest, raw unprocessed heart to mouth hand to blade the rhythm rises and falls this is the way to perfect this is how to cook for the angels raise a glass to the gods and the princes of your near wild heaven Rene~October 6, 2012 Public domain image of Fresh fruit and vegetables

criss cross

love  and fear chase me  up mahogany staircases in a full film noir monochromatic stiletto'd double step sprint a sack of groceries an open mouth a french baguette a lusty tongue do I take flight  to the roof or jump risking the landing the bag rips at the seams i'm mindful of the eggs precious, few expensive I know love  will stay for tea and anecdotes but fear demands bourbon and  bondage i turn the key my pursuers greet me at the door, hungry i fry an egg a perfect, unbroken sun love smiles fear stabs the light with a crust of dry bread i realize  now that i've fed them they'll never  leave me Rene ~ October 4, 2012