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photo from Snore & Guzzle please click for a wicked good time  what i wanted  i waited for  with cool  confidence and mirror practiced believable body language i wanted you to want me to tell you what you wanted what i wanted were the wings sprung  from the sound of register rings Rene ~ 

red house, rear window

walls may have ears but windows have big mouths that stage  whisper  the pillowcase confessions of their keepers every last breath every little death every dark  lacey  doing every coming and  going every sacred locket  vesper you swore  you didn't  tell shutter your secrets shutter them well Rene ~ April 2011

y'hear that?

Photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales click for more info what you are about  to hear is the bubble wrap  snap of  sapphire  encrusted  shamrocks surrounding ruby  slipper shod sacred hearts  as they  twirl   like  dizzy dervishes until spinning  themselves into fine silken strands that taste a lot like grape kool-aid and sizzle  on the tongue like pop rocks tune it on in what you are about to receive  is a  full piece of peter max whirled  harmony treat your head close your eyes  let your ears glide over the scope of the collision Rene Foran ~ April 2011 Check out One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry


"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures".  ~ Thornton Wilder Thank you  all  for bringing to my heart  so many treasured moments Peace~ Rene See you all next week

blue willow

i don't like eggs but you knew this already i know you're thinking such a terrible waste but it's not, you see i'm feeding them to the dog she loves them just as much as i know she loved you and the way you walked her as if every single thing she sniffed mattered to you as well sorry, dear pardon my red wine opera crowd violin string tugging (your words) i ramble at breakfast like a fussy percolator but you knew this already morning is when i am most honest and vulnerable i know that's why you left after dinner oh god dammit you i miss you so much what i did before us is a mystery and what i do now is insanity i'm frying up eggs just to smell them again and to perhaps coax you down, from wherever you are for breakfast did you know i believe that there is still a ghost of a chance Rene Foran ~  April 2011 photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales click for more info


Surf City, NJ ~ Rene Foran approach me clear eyed and  without reservation caress my shoulder run your fingers through my hair, coax a giggle from a  dapple of light then whisper  softly on my lips and i will reward you with a song yet to be heard Peace ~ Rene

jesus aquarius

Surf City, NJ ~ Rene Foran run fast little one eyes blinded by life lungs burning from the acrid smoke of lost hope  do not stop run to me  fall to the earth arms  hugging  knees, toes  gripping  sand  let loose the litany of  the wrongs, the slights cry on my shoulder  exhale liberating every demon that dogs you all that glitter that shunned you  belt it out like Aretha go 'head and tell me lift from your shoulders the jagged slab that owns you tumble it into me i will  make smooth the crags with each turn, rough patches  polished soul bright Peace ~ Rene

red shepherd

Photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales. Click for more info. Y ea though i walk through the valley of the pampered chef,  the necessary wrought iron wall sconce with bonus freesia scented votive, and the soft as burlap naughty lingerie makeover party; I will fear no boredom: for thou art with me; thy fruit and thy warmth they comfort me. My cup runneth over. Rene ~ April 2011

letters from the dollhouse

photo by Lauren Randolph for One Stop Poetry Sunday Photo Prompt 1. full moon again where are you? probably dead, maybe cheating on me that's what the girls are sayin' hang 'em all filthy sluts they don't know about us 2. i'm sleeping in a dollhouse our bed's too big for just me too little for all my nothing, nothings it's okay, but the walls talk too much the ceiling is a two way mirror with a hairline fracture 3. your "friends" are macking on me 24/7 crappy card store trinkets, silk raindrop roses car wash love song collections they are tramps. i am a lady i keep my legs crossed at the ankles 4. i saw a homeless guy on Athens Ave he had eyes like yours and the wild tangled hair of a boar i missed you, so... i shaved his head. they say everyone has a double pfftt. it was just my imagination running with scissors again 5. i'm knitting you a shroud shut up. i really am. you'll se

the loop

“I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone” Ranier Maria Rilke

mute swan hiss

there are times you must take yourself firmly by the hand and remind yourself that while your arms bear a striking resemblance to a dancer's the legs are what matter, here dream, yes but with wings tucked don't let your heart get caught in a fools net my dear Rene Foran ~ April 2011

take twelve

photo credit ~ rene foran please be quiet for twelve seconds i want to  listen  to you Peace ~ Rene

spool of siloam

how do you  see it, friend are you with me or am  i with you ? what is the answer, brother did you lose a boot or  did you find one? how do you paint the stripes on  zebra, neighbor? black on white  or white on black? it's all in  how you see it, friend i see, you see i know, you know what i mean Rene Foran ~ April 2011

drop it like it's science

photo by Tess Kincaid stumblin' outta bed you do the rope twist shimmy cotton tangled blue and the sun says gimme c'mon now turn it on let's steam it up go an' tease your hair in a soft serve confection icing on your lips foggin' up your reflection c'mon now blow it off let's build it up let'ssss ssssteam it up let'ssss build it up and when it gets too hard to hold we'll just let the whole thing go off and we'll do it again all over again Rene Foran/ Not The Rockefellers ~ April 2011 To join Magpie Tales creative writing group click here.