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a familiar twinkle

"She stared at the sun" ~ photo by Rene you once told me  you were your daddy's  favorite mistake a cute as a button  nut on a crooked  little branch on a leaning family tree you were paprika  in the sugar bowl  no one said  a damn word  scooping around the rust  stirring their tea, nodding how do you, do you, do, dear? elephants soft shoed across the dining room table no one clapped but you said, some one hollered, bring on the giraffes! home sweet half way  home Rene ~ February 27, 2013 For 100 Word Song This week's prompt: Elvis Costello's "Brilliant Mistake" Do you feel inspired? Come on and write along! It would be cool to see some Magpie folks on the Mr. Linky :)

the dresser

Venus de Milo with Drawers, Salvador Dali, 1936 make me the keeper of your trinkets your dirty little thrill bits your moustache wax your un-pressed slacks load 'em up here daddy bring me your holy psycho laundry slip me the honey in your locket lemme be the hamper for your pocket the bureau of your shame the strongbox for your flame just scoop 'em up sugar fill me with your sacred goods and plenties i can be your safe house Aphrodite or Venus, more politely the cocoon for your treasures chiffonier of your pleasures you can finger me rightly with cocktail stirrer charm nightly spill 'em all out baby your wicked riches are safe with me i'll be your lover your junk drawer your doctor your drunk whore your casket of faces your keepsake oasis go 'head and file me someplace where you'll find me my drawer's always open your need is the key Rene ~ February 24, 2013 For Magpie Tales


the world stops and stares the sound of your voice a lake of pin drops freeze and thaw mid-air I can't hear you now but down come the rain I can hear you then I will know your name Rene ~ February 23, 2013 Some scrawling on a Saturday morning 40 words 40 syllables


at the core of my every tossed and turned my every blessed, cursed knot lies Estherbrook god damn her stone hearth and soulless board her sour maggot studded bosom unloving indifferent to watch her wither and grow craggy unkempt by my unfailing, rich neglect warms my heart well Rene ~ February 18, 2013 For Magpie Tales Image: "Wind of History" Jacek Yerka

the waiter

the way you stir your coffee makes the blood rush from my head the come hither twirl of that fortunate spoon and I'm bringing breakfast to your bed red lipstick caffeine kisses your heart jumps, so quick the hit my kingdom resides on the rim of your world and I'm waiting captive to your sip Rene ~ February 10, 2013   For Magpie Tales Image by Joseph Lorusso

memories of a young poet

"November Lace" ~ Photo by Rene marble notebook in hand she slipped away  from the fray unnoticed up to her childhood room through the bedroom window and onto the rooftop poetic: " she sat  arms hugging knees surveying life, the leafless trees spindly branches claw the sky scratching for sun, to heaven they cry psalms of wisdom, strength and grace woven in November lace"   the air felt good against her flushed cheeks a beautiful sunset was now in progress she was thankful for this she was thankful for finding her peace she belonged right here, right now to this moment Excerpted from "November Lace" by Rene Rene ~ February 9, 2013 For d'Verse Poetics: The Anecdote

re: the job posting for a valentine

let me into your world to colour by number the hills and valleys let me spill mountains of stars and gold dust sighs across your threshold let me kneel before your spices, your perfumes and holy chrisms let me  stitch my way gold, through your wild heaven's succulent labyrinth  and I will be all your sun your moon your rain Rene ~ February 8, 2013

february library

B e that heartbeat like music to my ears one that makes me sing harmony playfully around an upright piano or tangled up in the sheets B e that sinful filling in my cupcake the one worth the weight naughtily teasing me away from the 9 to 5 and into your wicked game B e that welcomed back rub on weary shoulders the kind that never ends miraculously fixing me kneading my troubles gone as fast as your hands can B e that one true, fine love i let in the kind that builds up constantly unconditionally bathing lost, abandoned corners in undying perfect light Rene ~ February 3, 2013 If February makes you shiver, get under those covers and dream :) Central Library, Manchester, UK , Robin Gosnall For: Magpie Tales 100 Word Song- this weeks song prompt "Strength" by The Alarm Poets United and d'Verse Poets #Open Link Nite Phew!