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i recall the tug the inescapable call of a perfect storm my legs paper cranes tossed through glass  my soul did not flinch yet i blinked twice & in the distance wild flickers coaxed toothsome tribal timpani it’s a jungle in here 


you terrify me it’s your dishonesty your deft spinning of the facts into this years fabric of fiction camouflage the masses in hollowpoint buzzwords just enough truth makes them dangerous


put a word here and then there gather them ‘round you watch as they open up their eyes singing, showing teeth from your hand feed them the truth


upon a mountain we sat souls dug in good upright still as statues while smoke & hot valley whispers tangoed up tripping wild as lightning we stayed as they smothered us & prayed for them to cover us


it was finished. over. done. good-bye. no take backs. we watched the sun set in silence, no single word, or better choice could’ve changed its course.