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Magpie Tales image: Black Dog, Zelko Nedic i winked holding my tongue to the fire, choking til you cried uncle enough you said, enough you're burnin' down something the lord made praise god you wanna save me i'm a monster i wanna break you shave your head bald and own you run away now before you can't get enough many a field has a broken winged bird in need of a savior you are better off where unconditional love spills like wine you said easy love is not what you are after you frighten me you don't know what you say you don't know what you say Rene ~ July 2012 Lucky me! I was chosen by Leeroy at 100 Word Song to provide this weeks musical inspiration! Lucky you! "Ladies and gentlemen the next song is a dance, a damn good one The name of the song is 'It Cuts Like A Buffalo' by The Dead Weathers... and you know what that means, it means you're dead." So sayeth Jack White. Rockin'


night and day head and shoulders pressed to your door heart waiting for the treasured sweep of your step a cough a sweet tender word whispered into?!? surely it's just the silken petals of midnight vespers whisked away to a benevolent deity or maybe the wind is to blame! hush, hush no matter, darling slit the throat of that truth there could not be a  more deserving ear than i the one who waits ready to pounce and devour whole the sacred and the secret flesh you lavishly, dangerously  toss you fuel me i thank you, oppa day and night Rene ~ July 2012 For 100 Word Song This weeks song is #1 Crush by Garbage. I've always thought it was a creepy song about fanatical love along the lines of Every Breath You Take by The Police and the superfreakingly skin crawling version of Night And Day by U2... My poem is inspired by the buck wild, hella crazy segment of Korean pop fandom know as sasaeng. Just go on and google them for some shocking,

the spin of infinity

still water pierced a dark crown rises spilling down red spinning  twelve hell broken loops of infinity into black ungently damming earth and pummeling sky with wishboned branches of fatal torment we all gasp numbly nodding as the hungry asp devours itself asleep a soaking rain taps the roof and echoes through glass houses this morning Rene ~ July 2012 For Magpie Tales Image: figure 8, Franz Kline

angels in the architecture

Image:Public Domain, Linda Allardice if you could see you would openly weep at the sight of them you would be on your knees begging for a ride though i didn't know her  from adam or the man in the moon i believed her and nodded she smiled and it was good i offered her a cigarette she pretended to refuse (for heavens sake) as i lit it up she took a long drag like an old soul we can never be angels she purred don't that make you wanna cry? we can be saints if we want to i just haven't got the time Rene ~ July 2012 Thank you for the shove Lance For 100 Word Song ~ All you need to know is right here The song prompt is "She Talks To Angels" by the Black Crows. I'm supposed to include the video with this post but I can't for the life of me make that happen. Lame but true. Flog me.

widow in black

artwork by Jack Vettriano             he died in her arms i was kissing the kids goodnight she didn't deserve that honor i don't deserve the shame of the awful truth she hid beneath my perfume infidelity has a way of entering the room silently and then pulling the floor out a tug here, a drag there at first you think you're imagining things then Gibraltar tumbles beware those passing fancies my dears they just may be the death of you Rene ~ July 2012 Inspired? Check out The Mag    


you can't stop it screams   your name licks  your shoulders and claws your back your hips born  to the rhythm the hook a roadmap of your soul your nights  restless roping the wind mining diamonds on the sun you stop to  breathe and all the world is still as rockets ~ what the world needs now you tell yourself is a good old fashioned sweet l'il  supernova a common  natural disaster inglorious bastard  enemy t o bring us  all together Rene ~ July 2012 Public domain image, Supernova fragment, NASA