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girl on ice

Image: Bert Stern Inspired? Check out Magpie Tales they tickle you with tinsel roll you in pretty paper and set you on fire they place you on the lips of dream makers housewives and presidents pulled in you become oxygen you slip out smoke and mirror smiling drifting, scratching life's a french inhaled curlicue and it's sweet for a time before they put you to sleep a thousand years stretched out like a cat in the bed of an H  happy birthday to you all Hollywood  and  good night Rene ~ December 2011 Happy New Year


Mostafa Habibi Inspired? Click on over to Magpie Tales my dreams are all so grand the world shines with such great light morning wakes wrathful demons fear and doubt have me in their sights root bound in my future inventions i'm the mother of stillborn intentions i'd love to entertain success if i only could get myself dressed... so i'll just stay stuck here it isn't yet high tide bee on a lollipop stuck here the view is quite sublime oh i'll just stay stuck here it isn't all that bad i'll just stay stuck here the sunsets are kinda rad... one day i'll get out and in that boat you'll see i'll paddle out to middle of it all you'll be so proud of me but what if a tsunami hits! how the hell would I survive? and what if I do? what do I do? will the sharks eat me up alive? so ... i'll just stay stuck here ahhh, all this time for me i'll just stay stuck here sunburned, hungry, thirsty bored outta skull stuck here i c


Lunch, George Tooker, 1964, Columbus Museum of Art windshield wipers high five neon just around the bend a place to rest an elbow and fill an empty rumble take a place among the same boat hungry anonymous what'll ya have, hon? besides the coffee I mean tired eyes and shoulders shroud spoonfuls of sighs and secrets eating words sipping scenery miles to go before sleep how 'bout a warmup for your soul to keep red eyed Jesus in a styrofoam cup carry you home soon soon enough carry you home soon soon enough Rene ~ December 2011 For Magpie Tales photo by Rene for Magpie Tales

just like james taylor

google images hold me close  and sing slowly, pretty please gliding  up and down fingers coaxing melodies strum me gently tuck my  hair behind my ears tune my senses, baby go on and tell me  your stories about  mind tripping to  Carolina and how my smile turns ya inside out take your time,  don't hurry baby i love to watch your mouth speak of fire and  rain of love and life without how the sunsets in Mexico tiptoe and  tumble  down  the water spout pull me in go on  make my  heart race can't nobody  but you , baby put that  smile on my face do me wrong ah, then do me so right let's get back  to that place we were  on copperline tonight lovin' me sweetly sugar sharin' the roof  you're on rockin' you  while you're here missin' you when you're gone Rene ~ 2013