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Crossing Over

rene~2009 the old birch had fallen a sad thing, many of the townsfolk had said something once so tall and majestic now laid down so low but the children... they saw it differently the old birch had changed, yes but into a wonderful thing it had simply become a bridge Peace ~ Rene

Earl~y Morning Encounter

O nce again the clatter stirred her out of a sound sleep. This was now the third early morning disturbance in a row. She had had it with these pre-dawn visits and was dangerously close to her breaking point. She pulled on her robe, hastily tying it around her waist, as she sleep-lumbered down the stairs. "The dead should have a little more respect for the living, just sayin' ", she grumbled semi-coherently. "And Bob, this is more than a little unfair, I do have to go to work in the morning... spirit world's open all night, why hang around here?", she chanted gruffly, pounding her bare feet across the narrow wooden floored hallway leading into the kitchen. She expected to see him there, in his tattered wool sweater, teacup in hand, looking slightly amused by her rage against the dead rousing the living. Haunting can be hilarious! What she saw instead both startled her and left her speechless in the doorway. He was new. Uh-huh, Bob must have sent him

No Matter What

photo by Mary - 2009 I will shelter you without smothering your light I will feed you  mind, body and soul I will give you guidance along with the freedom to make your own choices When you are lost I will surround you with hope And I will love you all the days of my life Peace ~ Rene 2010 To Mary, the light of my life

Rene, Please!

"just give me your candy and no one gets hurt" I was one heckuva handful, an unholy mess of a child. If there was an itch I'd scratch it. A rule, I'd break it. A 50 foot HAM radio antenna, I'd climb it... And greet my mother with a hearty hellooo through the outside of her bedroom window. "Hi, Rene...Oh good God,Rene, Please!!!!!...stay right there...don't move...Mommy is coming right out!" My mother went from 30 to 60 in 3.5 seconds...flat. Years that is. And I would do my best in the next few years to keep my foot on the gas. Like getting my stomach pumped three times in the span of a year: 40 yummy orange flavored St. Joseph Aspirin 6-12 bug spray sprayed into my mouth like Binaca Airplane glue...I don't remember this. Fortunately we lived right next door to a doctor who practiced out of his home. Mom would just whisk me right over whenever I decided to "pull a death defying stunt", as my father put it. I remember the