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"Ponytail" by Last Exit up from the soles a restless silken quake this life this absolute death a serenade unapologetic Rene ~ May 26, 2013 For Magpie Tales


"Lighthouse Dandelions" Jamie Wyeth paint yourself striped wildcat  arch your eyebrows  then jiggle the  ice, round  and round in your jelly glass of  sunbeams wink knowingly as the pretty young things  come  and pirouette cleverly  at your feet gypsy soul whisperer father figure  candle on the water Rene ~ May 20, 2013 For Magpie Tales


whisper to me the story of your flight your curious days your sacred nights whisper to me the story of a life you wish for the world to hold and I shall place it like dandelion seeds neath the mouth of forever Rene~May 11, 2013 Photo by Rene  Magpie Tales image by Togan Gokbakar


one last broken word one first bite of skin let heaven and free will ring emancipation thunderclap mistress thirst obscene lips parted full dripping sunset nectar the moon is gold my eyes are green the world is radiant jasper the ceiling endless aquamarine i have bled into the river weeping it knows my name Evangeline Rene ~ May 5, 2013 For Magpie Tales Young Woman Picking the Fruit of Knowledge, 1892 by Mary Cassatt