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10,000 lakes

Yell Sound, Shetland, 2014, R.A.D. Stainforth time flew though just for a few of us the rest stayed stuck between rocks & sand art ultimatums beautiful sunsets being the reason oh how we hastened That Grand Goodbye, but... oh how we lingered to go 2014-Rene


keith haring via magpie tales so which way are you up for? have you got yourself a hunch or a notion? go on and twirl your own pinwheel signpost or hop a ride on a boxcar sideshow so which way are you up for? your toes tripping up on compass roses? true north is them good shoes that brought you through narrow streets that defined & confined truth so which way are you up for? blaze a trail that inspires & ignites hope light a fire for the lost to come find you so which way are you up to, which way are you up for? 2014-Rene

in the wink of a cowgirl's eye

Elizabeth Taylor on the set of "Giant"- photograph by Frank Worth it's all in the wrist these ol' rope tricks what the arm dangles is merely an accessory a way to pass the time while i spin you violet wild & plum dizzy it's all in the eyes this ol' cowgirl throws a quarter inch  of batted lash goes for miles & miles of... goodness knows  2014-Rene