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join The Mag creative writing group to hell with you if you don't like  tiger lilies or blinking  Christmas  lights not everything has to be  an opera dutifully stuffed into a  friggin' Victorian  costume shoulda toldya that up front instead of chewing on my lip and breathing your thin air I swear you're gonna make me a saint  someday to hell with you Rene ~ June 2012

sky writing

Image: Escher, Puddle 1952 the sky was gorgeous today did you see it? omg, it was amazing i struggled to name it but ended up slack jawed stuck in my tracks wordslayed thoughts tangled like kite strings in Charlie Brown treetops ARRGH!  so frustrating and all i could think of were well trodden verses balding adjectives and mucky cliches so no river of beauty today from this dammed up poet just a muddle of thud oh well you had to be there, my dears cuz the sky was gorgeous today Rene ~ June 2012 For Magpie Tales


If I could have just said everything that I really wanted to say at the time that it was needed instead of later the next day I would not need to scribble into letters words that could not find their way from my head to my mouth lost, blindly shuffling traveling south If I could have posted all these notes to everyone I've ever met I would love to see their faces smiling at what I should have said Rene~June 2012 For Magpie Tales Image Credit: Still Life, 1670, detail by Jean Fran├žois de Le Motte

food for thought

I want to eat your words roasted and dipped in a balsamic vinaigrette then lavishly tumbled in sesame seed crumbles I want to eat your words I want to smoke your dreams rolled up and lit in a big fat cigarette I would deeply inhale every pretty little herbal detail I want to smoke your dreams I want to drink your intentions straight with no chaser in a blue collar bar I'd pave over well that ribbon of highway to hell I want to drink your intentions I want to have you for dinner with some sugar snap peas and a nice Chardonnay I'd lick clean my dish even have seconds if I wished lookout I'm gonna have you for dinner Rene ~ June 2012 A little Magpie fun Image credit: Klaus Enrique Gerdes