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a day for umbrellas

photo by Tess Kincaid ruby throated hail clove studding necks, backs weaknesses soul swan songs from the alien zone every scream a thundercloud pin drop  every stumble a wax winged smooth death spiral strut smile and wave before the inevitable scorched  immaculate splash down  into a still rippling reflecting pool of all's well ends Rene ~ July 2011

crush groove

call in the neighbors roll up the carpet put the rat race ball and chain away kick off the footwear dance barefoot tribal let's make those chandeliers sway stomp sand to stardust breathe in the sparkle blaze up the dark of the day open out the windows let the good times tumble down the fire escape  go rain those diamonds, baby let 'em fall like Niagra they ain't forever like they say down time is precious, sugar spend it like you got it cuz all God's children gotta play Rene ~ July 2011 For d'verse OpenLinkNight d' verse welcomes  Poets, Artists and Visitors – "we are more than happy to offer you a handshake, a place to find friends, to learn and share your poetry, with us".


Goodbyes are hard. Especially when they have to be said to people and places where a body grows up, falls down, laughs, weeps and learns things.  Goodbye and Good Luck to the team at One Stop Poetry . Thank you for providing us all with a home for our little darlings, and for introducing us to so many great writers and artists. We will miss you. I will miss you. Stay in the house by the leaning tree a candle in the window beckons thee her front porch c asual familiar style an easy going f riendly stay a while s mile trace her railings enter inside she is warm, w elcoming and willing to provide a soft creak a whisper  in your ear "let me be your home while you are here" she’s missed  heartbeats  and deep breaths  d own her halls the gentle  urgent pleading in a lover's call she’ll give to you, your space which you so desire to dream to create  her mysteries will inspire curl up in her nooks let her charms fascinate look through her eyes meditate love h

eight hundred pounds and growing

Image: Public Domain we talk about the weather but not gorillas we talk about everything else  on  our cluttered  business  minding shelves except for gorillas oh it's never about  gorillas tap dancing spandex wearing flame baton throwing parade float riding electric gorillas never you mind those gorillas Rene ~ July 2011 Please click on Magpie Tales to read or contribute to this week's Magpie.

Kansas Can

hole in the sky in need of patching could i leap up and hold it fast with a mighty straw grasp and a prayer some questions and answers like Ryan Reynolds abs are truly not for and of this earth yet i jump higher and still farther lit by the fire of a love that confidently believes i can Rene ~ July 2011 For Fred and Tessa  and for Ryan Reynolds too but mostly for Fred and Tessa

sea balm

rene foran 2010 summertime heat tugs the prodigal sweltering back to the blue green  wonderful  welcome home of a mother's eye white caps and sails, swelling  with heroic pride, crisply jig, jogging memories of  laundry waving in the yard and broad Pepsodent smiles conch whispers crack open coconut scented  endlessly endless transistor radio  days and  sacred citronella nights  both electric  and fire lit  with wonder Rene ~  People of Chilmark , Thomas Hart Benton, 1920 courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

freedom's quilt

Wheat Field with Rising Sun, Vincent Van Gogh, 1889 Courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales sunflower dawn pulled through  the eye of a needle a chore for the living a feast for the spirit a gift for the soul Rene ~ July 4th, 2011