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sky blue saturday song got me humming that tune for the whole day long trying to find the words to describe this delicious~ness only trouble is that they ain't been invented yet can i draw a picture for you? oh no that shade of blue would never, ever do maybe if i make you a dish of something nice? hmm but i just can't find that missing  je ne sais spice.. i could make you a sweater and wrap you in it's charms but here's  the problem it would have orangutan arms so i think  i'll stick with the thing i know the best and that's keeping it simple and i'll let nature do the rest sky blue saturday song got me humming that tune the whole day long... Peace ~ Rene

any landing you can walk away from...

higher higher giggles stirring the air like ice cubes  in lemonade outstretched  red mary janes frantically  kicking clouds farther farther to destinations  in need of shower curious hands gripping chains tighter tighter eyes full of daring squinting winking jokingly into the sun patches of freckles blooming merrily along "I'm singing about swinging!" "I'm singing about flying!" reaching altitude amazing pit of the stomach dropping feeling eyes closing  courageous heart pounding anxious hands pulling back loosening grip breaking free letting go leaping soaring smiling touching down landing laughing "I'm alive!" Peace ~ Rene


night mazes twist and turn I hug walls of dark torment seeking signs and golden threads childishly following truthful light shepherds believing everything fearing nothing peace ~ rene

thirst quencher

give me a drink of your water from a well that is unfit for me give me a drink of your water that man's not your husband i see give me a drink of your water and I will set you free give me a drink of your water come live forever in me Peace ~ Rene

yellow house

that's the last time she said as she put it on the shelf behind the last, last time but maybe next time just not now everything's fine no, really everything's good how convincingly she fooled them all her throat stinging how lovely her cunning her eyes shining if nothing else there was that and dreams greater than her less than fine Peace ~ Rene Violence UnSilenced