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Magpie Tales image: Black Dog, Zelko Nedic

i winked
holding my tongue to
the fire, choking
til you cried uncle

you said, enough
you're burnin' down
something the lord made

praise god
you wanna save me
i'm a monster
i wanna break you

shave your
head bald and own you
run away now
before you can't get

many a field has
a broken winged bird
in need of a savior

you are
better off where
love spills like wine

you said
easy love is not
what you are after
you frighten me

you don't
know what you say
you don't
know what you say

Rene ~ July 2012

Lucky me!
I was chosen by Leeroy at 100 Word Song to provide this weeks musical inspiration!
Lucky you!
"Ladies and gentlemen the next song is a dance, a damn good one
The name of the song is 'It Cuts Like A Buffalo' by The Dead Weathers...
and you know what that means,
it means you're dead."

So sayeth Jack White.
And cryptic as all get out.
I Googled the hell out of it to better understand what the lyrical inspiration was for the song but unfortunately Jack is just as cryptic with his explanations.
Just know that he knows what the lyrics mean and he's a bit obsessed with their inspiration.
So go forth and imagine.
S'enough, right?
Well, it's gotta be.


  1. jack white is awesome...and i love your verse as well...interesting bit of story in it...and easy love is seldom worth it you know...smiles....

  2. Maybe it's due to my lack of hair, but the whole "shave your head bald and own you" line hit me square in the gut. Awesome read on the song!

  3. So good. I love the stanza about "every field has a winged bird..." Great interpretation of the image.

  4. I got more confused the more I read about the interpretations :)

    Enjoyed your poem though. Very hard hitting, strong emotions

  5. Thank you everyone for stopping by and commenting. This one was definitely a challenge as I honestly had no clue where Jack White was coming from with this song. It's truly from a frightening place this suburban housewife has never set foot in. But that's art for one person is going to see things quite the same way as another. And that's a beautiful, confusing crazy-wonderful thing! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves. :)

  6. dang...tight verse with lots of subtones running beneath the lines... there are a few songs that i would love to learn more of what inspired them and what they mean exactly but sometimes i think it's so personal that the artist just gives us clues and doesn't want to give away the meaning completely...which i understand..smiles

  7. If I'd read only the poem and seen the image, I'd have been impressed enough by the darkness and imagery; throw in Jack White and that prompt and I'm a bit blown away ... good stuff ...

  8. Oh well done - on both counts.

    Anna :o]

  9. Wow! Poetry + Jack White! Does it get any better? (even this old broad loves Jack)

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