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you can't stop
it screams your name
your shoulders and
claws your back

your hips
to the rhythm
the hook
a roadmap of your soul

your nights 
roping the wind
mining diamonds
on the sun

you stop to 
and all the world is
as rockets


what the world needs
you tell yourself
is a good old fashioned
sweet l'il 

a common 
natural disaster
inglorious bastard 
to bring us 
all together

Rene ~ July 2012
Public domain image, Supernova fragment, NASA


  1. interesting throws me from the verse a bit...i could think of a few things i would not mind keeping me up at night...the use of words nuisance though make me feel this one is not fun though...

  2. the supernova made me sing Liz Phair the whole time. she'd love this raw worded poem, just like I did.

  3. " still as rockets..." and the last four lines: what hooks you cast, my dear. Ah, I may steal, possibly, if you don't mind?

  4. This could be interpreted many ways. To me, it's political.


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