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the spin of infinity

still water
a dark crown rises
spilling down

spinning twelve
hell broken
loops of infinity
into black

damming earth
pummeling sky
with wishboned branches
of fatal torment

we all gasp
numbly nodding
as the hungry asp
devours itself

a soaking rain
taps the roof
and echoes
through glass houses
this morning

Rene ~ July 2012
For Magpie Tales

Image: figure 8, Franz Kline


  1. And which part of Revelations inspired this? (grin)

  2. ha nice touch on the glass house there in the end...glad it is just rain pelting it....yikes on the asp and the torment...maybe some nicer shows to watch before bed...and maybe no spicy food...smiles...

  3. Glass houses.

    And so much of Mother Nature, throwing stones.


  4. love the last lines so much.....x

  5. A fabulous read. The line including 'as the hungry asp devours itself asleep' simply rocked for me! That was impressive, gal!

  6. Dark and enigmatic...I like it...

  7. nicely done.....thanks for sharing

  8. This is a poem meant to be read more than one time ... quite thought provoking.


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