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stained midnight

you knew the light
bent it in your favour
& leapt gracefully
across hearts

cheeks and shoulders
rouged chromatic

the dark
had no claim
over your lonely
clumsy soul

Rene ~ February 2012


  1. Pretending is the first step in conquering anything.

  2. pretending
    the dark had no claim
    on your lonely clumsy soul

    And perhaps bravery will follow the pretense? :)

  3. I tend to feel we all have clumsy souls. I do. I am always trying to make sense of things in life. I never quite do. There is so much mystery in ourselves and even those we know best.

    Lovely poem.

  4. They say 'lighting is everything' for a good reason ... nice Mag!

  5. swear i commented on this one the other day....the darkness is there for us much as we deny it...smiles.

  6. It lurks about all around, but to each the light must be found. Wonderful verse.

  7. We could all use a guiding light. Help fathom life's dark times.

  8. Fascinating opening it...

  9. This one really grabs me, Rene. The image of the "lonely clumsy soul" is so poignant. Good one, kiddo!


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