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Farmer's Tan

Rene ~ 2010

make a wish
but don't tell me
i want to remember 
how things are
 right now
happily splashing 
through life's puddles
with our farmer's tans
we don't own a thing
but we got

Peace ~ Rene 2010

Short Sweet Saturday


  1. I was there a week ago. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  2. those last two lines sum up my life well...nice write...

  3. We don't own a thing. Truth, we never own anything. That suggests some permanence and there is none. Great work, thanks.


  4. Lovely--& really like the pic too. Love your new blog look--sorry it's been so long!

  5. which basically means I love the ()@*#& out of that.

  6. love how you capture those poignant thoughts and moments of life with your words. always brings a smile.

  7. first, i absolutely love the quote from updike. that bears reapeating, oh, about a thousand times.
    maybe a few more

    and your words are beautiful.

  8. Oh, Rene, this is just beautiful. And the photo, wow! It certainly was a Sweet Saturday. But so much said in the "shortness".

  9. That is perfect! Reminds of being a teenager and being in love. :)

  10. It's easier to have everything when you aren't tied down owning things....


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