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like a prophet

when you speak
let it be your tongue that is on fire
and not your pants
may your words
ignite positive action
may your actions
show deep love and concern for your brother
starting right here
after services
in the parking lot

Peace ~ Rene

"short sweet saturdays"


  1. teehee.
    i used to get in so much trouble after services in the parking lot...

  2. In the winter, i like to think that when I don't wear a coat my body is burning calories. Our school secretary and I tease each other that "if anyone wants me, I'll be out in the parking lot-losing weight."

  3. tossin' a penny - my shiniest! - in the hat.

    i like how you
    whisper a lesson,
    and how it hits squarely.

    yea, Rene!

  4. Love this Rene! So well said (tho' you always manage to bring a laugh within your seriousness ... "and not your pants"). Thank you for sharing your talent and your wisdom. Love, Ginny

  5. Needed to read this one today. :-) xo

  6. Well said and I like the humorous twist!

  7. I'm so curious what sparked this poem....

  8. Ditto! It's important to pracice what you preach (or heard preached) because all too many folks go to church and as soon as they're out the door, the gossip starts!

    Have a great weekend, Renee :-)

  9. Mi pantalones en fuego! And so is my tongue! Aieee!

    My word veri is "picapoe". Heehee.

  10. i love the final line especially..."here, in the parking lot." That packs a lot of punch, Rene...You carry me along with beautiful reflections, and then hit home...powerful! ~Janine XO

  11. Parishioners, start your engines!



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