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Sugarfoot Pond

we walked together
down the dirt road
to Sugarfoot Pond
holdin' hands

not sayin' nuthin
just walkin'
and lookin' at the ground
my heart was beatin' so hard

i could feel it in my hand
at least i think it was my heart
it was hard tellin' if it were mine
or his

a bird started makin' some racket
and he said, hush up, you crazy bird!
and the bird, it stopped yappin'
just like that

i said, why you do that, Jimmy?
why you tell that bird to hush?
and he said
i was just countin' your heartbeats

and you know what?
i think they's the same as mine!
i laughed at Jimmy
but he was real serious lookin'

and so then
i started lookin' 
real serious at him
right back

and then that crazy Jimmy
he starts squawkin'
real loud
just like that bird

and so
we squawked
down the dirt road

not doin' nuthin'
but squawkin'
all the way down
to Sugarfoot Pond.

Rene ~ 2013


  1. Nice trip down that road...I think my Sugarfoot Pond was actually a river. Sweet.

  2. Very sweet and funny.



  3. Aw, I love that Rene :)))

    hey :) Missed y'all, and so I came back :)

  4. your words are musical, poetry, pictures.
    beautifully done~

  5. My Sugarfoot Pond is called Peace Valley Park and it's one of my favoritest places in Pennsylvania. I love walking the lake, holding hands, enjoying the warmth.

  6. have I told you lately that I love you???????

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone...
    I love takin' these two for a walk down to Sugarfoot Pond

    Peace ~ Rene

  8. Ahhh, young love. This was wonderful Rene.
    Thanks for making me smile.


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