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table for one

he was still
as a stained glass saint
she was 
a serpent
at his heel
ready to spring
at the slightest movement
it rattled at her brain
and bothered her balance
what was she missing
what the cosmic secret
he kissed her and smiled gratefully
comfortably numb

as one hundred thousand
over caffeinated teeth
gnawed away 
at her belly
Peace ~ Rene


  1. and all i can picture is that scene from ALIENS...

  2. Drop kicked right off the field!

    Ooof. Sat at that table one too many times. Good one, Rene.

  3. i love how you paint...

    but from cool angles.
    sometimes sideways.

    but never
    givin' it away.

    always demands another look!
    "in slo-mo this time!"
    sweet, Rene~

  4. Rene, you are GOOD. I like this poem... a lot!

  5. Yikes, Rene. What are you doing in my house?


  6. Oh man... you must have been at my house this weekend.

  7. This sounds like my BFF's house! Well done Rene.


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