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Image via Magpie Tales 

i been
'bout that time 
we hopped the train 
bound for Dover
just the two of us
and three cigarettes 
the night
swiss dotted
with stars
and backyard lamplight 
we owned 
the glow
of new experience
with the swagger 
of the sacred
seasoned perfectly 
i'm keen 
to believe



  1. swagger of the sacred is an interesting concept

    Things Could Be More Reliable

  2. Love this. It's beautiful. Nice write. I like short poetry that packs a punch like this, gives deep insight into a slice of life. Good work.

  3. The glow of new experience might well describe one who just read your poem, too.

  4. Really, Rene, I just love this. I can just picture this time of life, with life being such an adventure & everything is possible. And, oh that swagger...yup, that was life then! This might be my favorite poem of yours.

  5. What a lovely image.. reminds me of that month I was out interrailing looking for new things.. just a dream of what would happen next.

  6. Great write rene, made me feel young again... Thanks! With Best Wishes Scott

  7. "the night swiss dotted with stars"--such a unique way of describing it....fresh and creative...I love it!

  8. What great memories we all have buried that make us shake our heads and we did that!

  9. haha - reminds me of some fun spontaneous adventures of my own.

  10. To live each day... is truly no less than an adventure..! This concept is portrayed with perfection in this poem :D

    1. I am happy you liked it, Sanaa. Thank you:)

  11. "With the swagger of the sacred seasoned perfectly "- great line !

  12. Whew! Awesome writing. A bit of Jack Kerouac's spontaneous writing style (of an actual event, to boot) channeling through in this piece. You are very talented.

  13. Two of us with three cigarettes... lovely :)

  14. You sometimes get lost in the moment when you are with your loved one

  15. Replies
    1. Thank you, Tess. Was shopping the night before I wrote this. It may have something to do with it! :)

  16. This was one huge, refreshing inhale of inspiration. Loved it.

  17. Lovely voice, imagery and words that all work together to make a rich visual story.


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