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paper doll

Image via Magpie Tales

you caught
the stars left handed
tossed 'em back
eyes twinkling
before the sun realized
they were gone

out your fingers
like candles & cracking jokes
(so i wouldn't worry)
you couldn't hide
what you were



  1. i agree with the last two lines. we just can't hide what we are

  2. I like this person you are writing about :)

  3. the last two lines are very truthful.

  4. There's much truth to see behind closed eyelids...

  5. Excellent! Can't help thinking the left hand a brilliant choice since all we see in the photo is the right hand.

  6. "May she be in heaven a good half hour before the devil knows shes dead !"

  7. This is the best thing I've read in a dog's age. The catching the stars left handed really grabbed me, and then the whole rest of the poem lived up to the start.

  8. That first line is steller Rene!!! An amazing write!

  9. Tossing the stars back - beautifully written lines.

  10. So true, even the unseeing eye, sees!

  11. Love! Love! Love this! Short and to the point. No waste. No haste. Just right.

  12. Love the notion of blowing out fingers like

  13. None of us can, I guess. Well done.


  14. Great story--I'd like to read more about the character. :)

  15. Well done, indeed. I am left wanting more.

  16. One can only pretend to someone else for some time but not all the time.


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