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keith haring via magpie tales

so which way
are you up for?

have you got yourself
a hunch
or a notion?

go on and
twirl your own
pinwheel signpost

or hop a ride
on a boxcar

so which way
are you up for?

your toes
tripping up on
compass roses?

true north is
them good shoes
that brought you

through narrow streets
that defined &
confined truth

so which way
are you up for?

blaze a trail
that inspires
& ignites hope

light a fire
for the lost
to come find you

so which way are you
up to, which way
are you up for?



  1. "Your true north is them good shoes that brought you" is, perhaps, one of the best lines ever! I love it!

  2. Nothing will holds a soul best and more secure than the feet that takes said soul from place to place. I agree with Sherry. Love that line.

  3. Some days the most important is to keep moving,,,

  4. The ending was great. Lighting one's path with the fire that excites them. Nice.

  5. It would be sad if we couldn't say that we too had been lit up at least once in our lifetime.

  6. hahaha I did enjoy the pace and wit in this piece.

  7. I do trust that fire within! Lovely magpie!

  8. tha question we all must ask and find the answer, well done with this.

  9. Like the restlessness of your poem....moving - the best way to figure out 'which way' .


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