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not us

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler ( via Magpie Tales )

ah, you were not
my lighthouse
shining up
from the bottom of a well

nor was i
your brave daisy
bursting through
suffocating pavement

we were not
conjoined hearts, cores
livers, kidneys 
or even onions

and we won’t ever be
dreaming big
or staying strong
together as old souls

so what...
we’re not
kitchen cliches or 
refrigerator door metaphors

you are you
i am me
and we do get along


© 2014-Rene


  1. yep! Sometimes relationships require a very long breezeway!

  2. Very cool. I think it is pretty hard to find a person with whom one can get along immaculately, and if one finds one it is a treasure indeed!

  3. Glad they get along no matter what ! :)

  4. Perfect! No relationship ever is like the kitchen magnets. Better to see the reality than to be repeatedly disappointed.

  5. its best to know what you are not...and if each lives a riched life seperately...better to go that route than try to force it together and leave both miserable...just saying...

  6. it's much better to move on that the lighthouse and daisy comparisons...

  7. I, too, loved the lighthouse and daisy lines......great awareness in this poem. Loved it.

  8. It's sad people become strangers sometimes. I like nor was i your brave daisy
    bursting through suffocating pavement.

  9. Nicely done..thanks. For sharing

  10. Very cool write, love the lighthouse and daisy references.

  11. I'll be your brave daisy......if you'll be my sunshine.


  12. Not all relationships are the same. I relate to the ones that are not cliches. Enjoyed this clever little poem.

  13. real life relationships are often much different than our cookie cutter expectations. great poem

  14. My first instinct is to sing 'shall we dance' ... nice Rene.

  15. Or even onions...unexpected quirk...I like...

  16. In sickness and in health , poverty or wealth !


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