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Anne Marie’s 
stretched out 
like a queen

across the back

of a Cutlass Supreme

smokin’ weed

and talking with Kumar

watching leaves

scud across 
the reservoir

Mike is a jerk

cuz he hasn’t yet 
called her

two months at college

and he can’t be bothered

Well you know

he can go climb a tree

cuz he ain’t got 

the common

to give the mother

of his child 
a shout

damn college boys

got it all figured out


dedicated to Lou Reed 1942-2013


  1. And years from now
    down that lonely road

    he'll wonder why
    she won't answer his calls

    and regret those days
    he was such an ass

    and in his dreams he might

    say the right thing.

  2. ha. yep
    he's on his way toward
    escape velocity

    & she---well,
    its all too common
    a thing


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