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pen pal

Drawing Hands, 1948 by M. C. Escher
via Magpie Tales

from across the table
the world
your words
meet my eyes
and stir my soul

how easily they reach
across latitudes
and oceans
across mountains
and time
across cities
and down herd paths

how urgently
they wind up the streets
of my heart and marrow
unlocking doors
and lighting fires

from across the table
the world
your words
expose the infallible gods
of lost hope
as astronomical frauds

Rene ~ 2013

For Him and Her


  1. The eyes tell everything don't they:)

  2. I love that you SAW pen pals ..... wonderful!

  3. The last four lines invite far closer inspection... :)

  4. Now that's an ending. I kind of expected love found, and yet.... so nicely rebuked it seems. Well done :)

    1. all is not lost! the infallible gods of lost hope are frauds :) love lives in a heart presumed dead

  5. May all of the false gods be exposed.

  6. Always an interesting write, Rene...

  7. i do believe love does live in the hearts of those thought dead...perhaps the fraud is in thinking it dead...its pretty cool the connections we make across the globe as well...

  8. Nicely written, Rene, and the image is amazing. I know we can be so close to those we love even when geography interferes.

  9. A lovely poem with an interesting, thought provoking ending.

  10. I remember having one as an older was such a hopeful and wonderful experience you captured it beautifully here Rene!!


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