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everyday people heroes

when she woke up
this morning
on the wrong side
of life

in a pit so low
she could hang
she never knew

as the day unfolded
like an unpaid
electric bill

that money could not
that force could not

the strength,
she provided 

to keep a life gold

Rene ~ 2013
For Antoinette Tuff


  1. wow. what a story. you have to wonder how many lives she saved in just talking in the face of what could have been a disaster.....

  2. This is a wonderful 55 really, a true-to-life 55. Antoinette Tuff is definitely a hero. It could have ended all so much horribly if it had not been for her courage and strength. Wow, just wow, to both your poem and Antoinette.

  3. That's a great tribute to a real hero. I hope she gets to read it. Way to go.

  4. I have not had the news on for a few days so I have not heard this yet. What a hero! What we all need is love... everything else is not essential. Well done!

  5. Wonderful .. had to google the story.. and it's indeed gold. Good news does not reach as far as bad, so it had not reached us here in Sweden

  6. ...if only all can take the courage to follow her good example... to keep a life gold --- that should be the dream... smiles...


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